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I have a new member of the Lancashire Group. I was contacted a few days ago by a Big Y-700 tester who found he had a most recent match at SNP R-A15056, and his 2 matches were both Warburtons. He wondered how this could be. He explained that his 2nd great grandmother was Mary Ann Greenwood (1826-1886) daughter of Henry Greenwood and Ruth (nee Wright).  She was never married and had 5 children from the age of 15 while living with her parents at Queensbury, West Yorkshire, including his great grandfather Joseph Greenwood.  She is listed as unmarried in the UK censuses and all her children’s birth certificates have no entry for the father.

As A15056 has now been found in 5 Warburtons from the Lancashire Group it seemed likely  the unnamed father was a Warburton. Armed with this information he did further research and discovered that the most likely candidate was Edmund Warburton (1828-1896). He was born and lived in Clayton, now Queensbury, West Yorkshire.  His father was John Warburton (1799-1879) who also lived all his life in Clayton.  This is established by the 1841 to 1871 censuses, although Edmund is listed as Holroyd Warburton in 1841, apparently after his father’s wife’s maiden name.  There is a baptism record for John Warburton giving his parents as a Joseph Warburton and a Martha Holroyd.

The evidence to support this link is as follows:

  1. Although Joseph Greenwood has a blank for his father on his birth certificate, he did declare on his marriage register entry that his father’s first name was Edmund and that his profession was blacksmith, although he said his name was Edmund Greenwood (deceased).  The family always wondered where he plucked “Edmund” and “blacksmith” from.
  2. There is a Family Finder “2nd-4th cousin” match with a lady in the US.  She  has a 2nd great grandmother called Miranda Warburton who was born 1834. It is now established that Miranda Warburton had a brother Edmund born 20 March 1828,  who was born and lived in Clayton, and is recorded in all the censuses from 1851 to 1891 as being blacksmith.  He was registered as unmarried throughout his life and was a little under 2 years older than Mary Ann Greenwood so a possible partner.  The lack of marriage may be down the young age Mary Ann had her first child: about April 1841 when Mary Ann had just turned 15.

It would seem that the family in Clayton is a branch of one of the Lancashire Group clans. The closest match is with the Edenfield Clan. However I have so far been unable to find a marriage between Joseph Warburton and Martha Holroyd, or link them back to Lancashire.

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