Letters from Captain Eliot Warburton MC

Concerning at trip to England by 2 Girls from Nazareth College in 1957

Piers Grove Eliot (Eliot) Warburton (1896-1961) is a member of the Garryhinch clan and descended from George Warburton of Aughrim in Ireland He was the second of 3 sons of the clan founder Richard Warburton , a merchant who appeared in Dublin in 1635.

Eliot is the subject of a biography written by his grandson P Richard Warburton (PGE (ELIOT) Warburton MC: His Life, His Work and His Legacy by P. Richard Warburton – available on Kindle). 

Eliot married Marie Louise Thompson of Winston Salem, North Carolina in 1923. They met when they were both working in Berlin, and had four children.

Mary Louise was educated at Roman Catholic girls boarding school in Nazareth, Kentucky. When she died in 1954 the family presented a memorial crucifix in her honour to the college. Eliot also provided a gift to the college to allow some of the students to travel to the United Kingdom.

It was this gift that allowed two girls, Marian Martin and Harvietta Engelhart, to travel to the UK in 1957.

Recently Marian (now Yeager) sent me a number of letters (such as the example above) sent to her by Eliot Warburton, together with her itinerary, and an extract from her diary of the trip. She felt they should be with the Warburton family. I have copied and transcribed the letters, and will then send the materials to Eliot’s grandson Richard, who unlike me, is part of the family.

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