An Autosomal DNA Story

Janice Gronow contacted me as she had 3 ‘cousins’ from her autosomal DNA tests. Two were straightforward as, like her, they were descended from Jane Warburton (b 1813) of the Houghton clan. Thanks to Janice I now know that Jane married Peter Smith in 1859 and had 10 children, including Jane’s ancestor Thomas.

The third ‘cousin’ is related to Joseph Richard Warburton (b 1871) of my Hale Barns clan. Now the Houghton and Hale Barns clans are linked by Y-chromosome DNA, but the common ancestor lived in the 17th century at the latest, probably too early to leave a trace in an autosomal test. However Joseph and Jane were from  Warrington and Farnworth (Widnes) respectively. These are about 6 miles apart, providing opportunity for any manner of connection.

It turned out that Richard’s son William Samuel (Billy) married Gertrude Dean in 1928. Gertrude was the granddaughter of Jane Smith (b 1839), the sister of Thomas Smith, and daughter of Jane Warburton and Peter Smith.

It shows that when families live in a local area for decades, if not centuries, there can be many links between them. It also means I have  information to extend both the Houghton and Hale Barns clans, which I will do in due course.

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