New Warburton Website and Issue 8 of The Button Files

You have received this notification because you are subscribed to my new Warburton Website at

I have pre-subscribed everyone in my Address Book who, as far as I can remember, I have been in contact with about The Warburtons. This should include everyone in the Warburton Society. If you do not wish to be subscribed I apologize for my presumption . You can either unsubscribe from the website, or simply reply to this email asking to be removed.

The website is still under development but is intended to replace the old Warburton Website at:

One page that is complete is the Newsletters page which gives access to all issues of my newsletter, The Button Files, including a new issue, Issue 8. This includes an article on the new website.

I welcome your feedback.

3 thoughts on “New Warburton Website and Issue 8 of The Button Files”

  1. Ray, your new website is super, a word we don’t ofter hear these days.

    Son of the late Kathleen Dorothy Warburton , Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire

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