Tottington Clan Update

A recent communication with Luke Rothwell has uncovered a new branch of the Tottington Clan and I have now added it to the clan tree, report and chart. Most of this new branch is in the Tottington area, but Luke’s own family has ended up in Australia.

A new resource I have used in researching this branch is the Public Trees database on Ancestry. It is amazing how many of these tress have Warburton branches, if not a Warburton focus, and some individuals can appear in several trees. These trees can contain errors which are then replicated in other trees, so it is important to cross check with other sources. However the trees can provide helpful clues, particularly for the 20th century where the lack of census information can make the identification of the correct birth, marriage and death records mre difficult .

This new branch also included a marriage between two Warburtons, Thomas of the Tottington Clan, and May of the Bury and Massachusetts Clan. I have made a minor update to the latter clan to reflect this.

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