FTDNA BigY Review and Reduced DNA Pricing for 2020

The recent Thanksgiving/Christmas sale at Family Tree DNA finally ended on January 2nd. There was some significant Warburton participation and the first results are becoming available. I will report more fully on these in due course.

Meantime there have been two significant announcements. The first covers reduced standard pricing for 2020. You can see a full list of the prices here. Those most significant for the Warburton Project are:

  • BigY-700 – $449 (was $649)
  • Y-37 (the original standard Warburton project test) – $119 (was $169, or $149 through a project)
  • Y-37 to BigY-700 upgrade – $339 (was $569)
  • BigY-500 to BigY-700 – $209 (was $249)
  • Y-25 to BigY-700 – $389 (was $589). I believe this would be the upgrade option for those who originally tested with DNA Heritage but I haven’t had chance to test it. I would be grateful if someone who tested with DNA Heritage could let me know what upgrade price they are offered.

As yet I have no idea what FTDNA’s plans are for future sales on these new prices.

FTDNA have also produced a blog post covering BigY Highlights for 2019. You can read it in full here. I have paraphrased the key points:

  • The Big Y-700 product upgrade, announced at the start of 2019, increased the Y-chromosome coverage and helped discover many new high-quality variants that have helped expand and refine the FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA Haplotree, discovering both new ancient lineages and thousands of branch points within genealogical timeframes.
  • The phylogenetics team has been hard at work finding the correct placement for the newly discovered Big Y-700 SNPs, and dealing with new lineages and branch splits from new customer results. Customers have been eager to discover their exact placement on the great tree of humankind and how their paternal lines connect to other members of the database.
  • Big Y-700 2019 Growth & Data (the value of all our results increases as the Y-Tree itself increases in detail):
    • 41% increase in total results, plus many upgrades from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700.
    • 38% increase in haplotree branches (haplogroups to which you can be assigned).
    • 63% increase in haplotree variants (the building blocks of the tree).
    • Over 211K new previously undiscovered high quality SNPs.
    • There are a number of accompanying graphs which show that growth in the R-U106 branch, which includes the two largest Warburton groups, the Lancashire and Cheshire groups, has been above average.
  • Future Plans For 2020
    • Improved Big Y analysis and matching.
    • Improved Block Tree display.
    • Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) Age estimates.
  • Why Test Your Y-DNA?
    • Cost-effective high-coverage Y-chromosome testing run in the in-house CLIA certified Gene By Gene lab with strict quality controls.
    • The largest Y-chromosome database in the world.
    • The largest phylogenetic tree of humankind.
    • Access to over 8,000 FamilyTreeDNA Group Projects that specialise in different haplogroups, geographical regions, and surnames.

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