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Following on from the theme of yesterday’s post I also get sent obituaries from time to time by members of the Guild of One Name Studies Newswatch Project. Recently Celia Dodd sent me the obituary of John Edward Warburton from the Essex County Standard.

When I traced his line back through registrations and censuses I got to a William, born in Lower Withington, Cheshire in 1814. This William appeared in my own Greater Hale Barns Clan, though his descendants hadn’t been investigated.

I have now documented the path from William to John, as well as their extended families, adding over 60 people to the clan in the process. The Tree, Report, and relevant (Mobberley) chart have now been updated on the website.

There is one step in the chain I’m not entirely sure about. John’s grandfather Edwin was illegitimate according to his marriage certificate. I found him i the census living with his grandfather William (of Lower Withington) who had 6 daughters. Apart from the fact a couple of daughters died young, there is no clue as to which was his mother. Except there is a granddaughter Lavinia, 4 years older than Edwin, in the same census. I found her baptism, which names her mother as Eliza, a single woman. So I have simply assumed Eliza is also Edwin’s mother, but it could be one of her sisters. The question could be resolved by purchasing a copy of Edwin’s birth certificate. Also it could be that Edwin’s baptism record is in Audley, St James parish register but just hasn’t been picked up by FindMyPast yet.

It turns out John was my 8th cousin, once removed.

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  1. I found that John and Betty Sunderland Warburton’s first born son died of turburcloclous (tb) known as consumption. Before Edward (Teddy) was born.

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