Warburton Lee Revisited

Following my previous post on the name Warburton Lee I have been doing some more digging, particularly amongst the Public Trees on Ancestry. By combining a couple of these I have constructed the complete line of descent from Mary Warburton and Rev. Matthew Henry, down to Joseph Henry Warburton Lee and his family.

It was Joseph’s widow’s obituary that prompted my original post. She was the widow Joseph Henry Warburton Lee, who was born in 1855, and mother to Bernard. The obituary referred to Joseph’s descent from the 17th century  divines and commentators, Philip and Matthew Henry. In 1690 Rev. Matthew Henry married Mary Warburton of the Warburtons of Hefferston Grange, and it seems that Joseph was named in honour of this union, being given both Henry and Warburton as names.

Between Mary and Joseph there are 6 generations, four before the name of Lee is introduced to the line. The habit of using ancestors surnames as forenames is common in the extended family with Warburton being used a couple of times. There are also examples I haven’t connected to Mary’s descendants but I suspect these also represent a family surname used as a forename.

Even Joseph was originally given Warburton as a forename and it seems to be treated as such in censuses up to 1911. His wife Emmeline is only named Lee, and although four of their five children have Warburton as a forename one, their eldest daughter, does not.

However sometime between 1911 and the death of Emmeline Warburton Lee in 1934 Warburton became part of the family surname. Warburton Lee (with or without a hyphen) is firmly established as the name of the family of Bernard Warburton Lee, the only son of Joesph Henry Warburton Lee to have issue. However I haven’t found evidence of a change by deed poll, though I have tried searching indices of deed poll changes.

The   Warburton Lee Chart is a chart which shows the line of descent from the parents of Rev. Matthew Henry and Mary Warburton, to the family of Bernard Warburton Lee.

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