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Adrian Warburton has sent me the following photos. Anne Maria Warburton was born in 1854 to George Warburton and Maria nee Dodd of the Nottinghamshire clan. She married an American, William Henry Sherburn at Worksop Priory in 1870. William was a merchant from Wisconsin and the couple subsequently moved to America.

The first picture is of Ann Maria in later life.

The second picture is the cover of a bible first presented to Anne Maria by her mother, and repurposed nearly 100 years later.

I’m not sure who these two people are. I guess George Sherburn might be Anne Maria’s son, but the photo doesn’t include the lady’s name. She doesn’t look too dissimilar to Anne Maria, but can’t be sure.

If anyone has further information I would be delighted to receive it. I know nothing of Anne Maria’s life once she left for America.

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