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The Forum has just received a new topic and post, seeking information on James Warburton born 1815 in Romiley, Cheshire. If you think you can help please take a look at the post. I’ve had a quick look and ascertained that James is not in any of my trees, but he is in 3 trees on Ancestry. Two are private, and the third has no information on his parents. I have, however found him in the 1841 and 1851 censuses which suggest he had an earlier marriage, and his parents were Thomas and Lettis (probably Lettuce). I will dig further and respond accordingly.

Over the last few weeks I have been involved in a project with the Guild of One-Name Studies. The Guild provides a web host for One Name Studies like this one, with the added benefit that when study owners are unable to continue, and have no-one willing to take on their study at that time, their website can become a Legacy system, thus preserving its content until a successor can be found.

So far this service is confined to formal One Name Studies, but the Guild want to extend the opportunity to any member who wishes to preserve their research on a website. These new websites will be primarily blogs, and they will be set up by taking a copy of a standard template which can then be customised to the new owners needs.

This template will use the WordPress content manager. As this site also uses WordPress I felt I might have something to offer and volunteered. As it happens I have learned a few things from the experience, and I am now planning to give this site a makeover.

So over the next few days you may see some subtle changes. When I have finished I will document exactly what is different in a further post.

However one thing I am questioning is the Forum. In fact the new post is only the 2nd new topic in over 2 years. Also the number of people who have registered to post is less than 20. I am therefore intending to remove the Forum, and instead ask people to contact me with any thing they would like to publicise, so I can include it in a blog post like this one. I have over 380 subscribers to my posts, so there request will reach a much larger audience.

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