Website Overhaul

I have now finished my website overhaul. The overhaul was triggered by my recent experience helping to set up a template for member blogs for the Guild of One Name Studies. Here is a summary of the changes.


The Warburton Website uses a Content Manager called WordPress. There are numerous WordPress themes that control the overall style of the site, and I have changed the theme I am using (from Retina to Primer if you are interested in the technicalities). The most important criteria is to have a theme that is suitable for all devices, from desktops to phones, and both the new and previous themes do that. However my old theme was criticised for the use of red on buttons and links, which can be difficult to read for some people, and the indistinct drop down menus which have a white background, unlike the menu itself.

The new theme gives great control over colours and so overcomes those issues. My links and Continue Reading buttons are now blue.

One feature of the new theme is that only 2 lines of each Post appear on the Home Page by default. As before I can override this to show more of the Post, and I will probably do this more often in future, to give at least the first paragraph.


The functionality of a WordPress site is extended by installing Plugins. A security Plugin I installed a couple of years ago has been telling me that one of the other Plugins I have been using is no longer available, and two others haven’t been upgraded for several years, and are considered ‘abandoned’. I decided I needed alternative solutions.

The Plugin that provided the Visitor Count has been removed. I have installed an interface to Google Analytics for my own use, but that is not visible on the website.

The loss of one of the other Plugins has meant the way some of the information is displayed in the sidebar has changed under the covers. The actual content and appearance has not changed significantly, though I trimmed the Pages list to Key Pages, and reduced the list of Recent Posts to 5.

A couple of other Security and Performance Plugins have also been added.


The other abandoned Plugin is the one I used to create Galleries of pictures on specific subjects. I have installed a modern Plugin to provide that function, but there seems to be no easy way to convert my old Galleries. I will do this over a period of time, and then remove the old Plugin. As of now only the Alan Warburton Artist Gallery has been converted. Hopefully you will find it an improvement.

Contact Me Page

I have changed the way you can contact me. There is now a Contact Me Form on a Contact Me Page. The Form includes an “I am not a Robot’ Recaptcha field. This is a more secure method as my email address isn’t exposed to all and sundry, though it will be revealed when I answer. I have already had my first contact using it.

Reach Out Page

The Forum is replaced by a Reach Out Page. I covered this in my last Post.

Social Media Icons

I have added Social Media Icons to all Posts, and to the Home Page, should anyone want to mention one of my Posts on their social media. If you use something other than the few I have offered, the More button on the right of the list gives access to a vast number of platforms. I have an account on Facebook and plan to flag at least some of my Posts on there.

Changed Menu Structure

My Menu was getting rather long so I have restructured it by placing the 4 main research pages, Clans, Parishes, Papers and Newsletters as sub pages under a Research Page.

Privacy Page

I have updated my Privacy Page.

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