I’ve mentioned before that I get sent obituaries from time to time. In fact the Guild of One Name Studies has a news watch program where volunteers scan newspapers for obituaries that match an active one name study.

In January I reported how one obituary led to my 8th cousin. A more recent obituary led to someone more closely related. The obituary was from the Nottingham Post and was for Margaret Warburton nee Coan who died in March aged 92. It mentioned her late husband Geoffrey, and three daughters.

Margaret and Geoffrey Barratt Warburton already feature in my Hale Barns clan. Geoffrey was the eldest of two sons of Ernest MacPherson Warburton, and Beatrice nee Plant, and grandson of Wright Warburton and Eliza nee MacPherson.

Wright Warburton was the youngest of 10 children of my 2x great grandparents Thomas and Alice nee Walton, making Geoffrey my second cousin, once removed.

Another obituary was from the Eastern Daily Press and was for Dr Tony Warburton who died in April aged 84. It referred to his wife Benita, three sons and five grandchildren. It took a bit of investigating as Tony is in fact William Anthony, and Benita is also a second name. But then I found them in my Bancroft clan.

The Bancroft clan are the descendants of Bancroft Warburton who was born in 1739, the son of John Bancroft and Elizabeth Warburton, who was unmarried at the time. I first wrote about the situation in the second issue of my Newsletter, The Button Files.

John Bancroft was previously married to Mary Warburton, a great granddaughter of my 7x great grandfather, but he had been recently widowed, and left with a young family. I have always assumed that Elizabeth was helping John raise his children, and therefore must be related Mary, though she doesn’t appear to be a sister. However I have never found a likely baptism.

This was a time when a strong Presbyterian movement were performing their own baptisms in their own chapels. My 4x great grandfather was born around 1716 and so would be contemporary with Elizabeth, and his baptism is missing from the parish records. In fact just 20 years before, in December 1696, the parish vicar placed the following curious entry in the parish record: ” John Warburton, son of George was baptised, I know not by whom. Arnold Warburton told me of it.”

Now Arnold was the father of the Mary who married John Bancroft, and he was for a time, a Parish Clerk. His elder brother George was the heir to his father’s land in Hale Barns, so Arnold was probably anxious the baptism of the next in line was recognised.

The story of the Presbyterian chapels at Ringway and Hale is also told in the Button Files, in issue 7.

It is most likely Elizabeth was related to Mary, and therefore distantly to me, but there is no absolute proof, and the presence of other Warburton lines in the parishes around Warburton Village, descended from villagers from Warburton, means I can’t be absolutely sure. Elizabeth Warburton married John Bancroft 10 years later in 1749. Again I only assume this is the same Elizabeth as ther is nothing in black and white.

Bancroft’s successful life is attested by his will of 1804, in which he left various lands to his sons. The Bancroft clan includes over 170 of his descendants.

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  1. Hi Ray, I have an obituary for my grandfather harold warburton if you are interested ?

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