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I received the following from Diana Daly whose husband is descended from Charlotte Cliffe nee Warburton (1818-1917). Charlotte and Elizabeth Jane were the daughters of Joseph Warburton and Grace nee Bancks who lived at Tabley, Cheshire. Joseph was the brother of my 3x great grandfather William.

There is no evidence of a marriage registration or census entry for Elizabeth Jane and the only death registrations are from Warrington (1841 and 1859). Diana says:

Attached is a photo of a poignant tapestry by Elizabeth Jane Warburton (1821-after 1838), which I don’t think I’ve shown you before.  It belongs to my mother-in-law, a great-great niece of Elizabeth, great-grand-daughter of Charlotte Warburton and grand-daughter of Charlotte’s daughter, Elizabeth Jane Cliffe, who was evidently named after her aunt.  I can find no record of either her marriage (if she did marry) or death, but the subject of the tapestry poem indicates that she may well have been an invalid in 1838 and may have died at an early age.

The other 2 attached photos are believed to be Charlotte Warburton Cliffe in middle age and in old age.  They too belong to my mother-in-law but there is no written indication on either of the true identity, nor were they ever identified to her by her mother or great-aunt, Charlotte Cliffe, who looked after her mother after the latter was widowed and until her death in 1917.


EJW tapestry 1838 Charlotte Warburton (1818-1917Charlotte Warburton Cliffe

1 thought on “Some photos”

  1. How nice to have those photos.
    My Warburton line would I know, have been too poor to have photos taken.
    But I live in hope that I will one day find some relatives from my line.
    So far I have not. I have found a lot of interesting information but none that has taken me to anyone related to them.
    from England, now living in Australia

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