Barney Dylan Warburton

I recently came across an In Memory page on the History Points website for Barney Dylan Warburton. Barney was a Corporal in the Royal Engineers who specialised in defusing explosive devices. He served in Bosnia, and was killed on March 19th 1994 by an improvised mine. It was the day after John Major, Prime Minister at the time, had shook his hand during a tour of inspection.

You can read the full story on the History Points site here.

I was pointed to the site by Alan Phenix who contacted me about his Warburton ancestors, who come from Warrington. I already have 3 published clans from Warrington, and several others from the surrounding areas, so we are hoping to connect Alan’s ancestors to one of these.

So far we have got back to James Warburton, baptised at St Elphin church Warrington on February 14th 1802. James was the son of John and Betty, and by process of elimination, the most likely marriage for John and Betty is that to Betty Birchall at St Mary the Virgin, Prescot on January 28th 1788.

I would like to hear from anyone who has further information that might help.

There are two options that might move the situation forward.

Firstly I have yet to do an exercise on St Elphin similar to a number of other parishes, such as Bowdon and Haslingden, that are catalogued on the Parishes Page of the website. This involves listing all Warburton baptisms, marriages and burials, grouping entries into obvious families, and linking those families together as far as possible, on a best fit basis. The parish entries are listed and transcribed on the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk website so it should be a straight forward, if time consuming exercise I hope to tackle one day (if no one beats me to it).

The second approach is to find a DNA candidate (i.e. a male Warburton member of the family) and hope he is a match to one of my previous results.

Barney Warburton was a member of this family.

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