Notts and Ashley DNA Opportunity

Let me start with a quick recap. The Nottinghamshire Clan has an earliest ancestor William Warburton, who was baptised at Bole in 1665. His father was John, but nothing more is known of him. We have a BigY-700 result from the clan, and I have just had a new Y37 STR result from the clan which is a match with a genetic distance of 1 over 37 markers.

The Notts BigY-700 is also a match with one from a descendant of Samuel Warburton, a convict transported to Western Australia. Samual’s origins are obscure, but he was sentenced in Manchester. The most recent shared SNP occurred about 500 years ago.

A couple of years ago I got an 18 marker STR test from a member of the Ashley and Morley clan. The 18 markers were an exact match with the Notts clan. Last Christmas I got a second result from what I believe to be a branch of the Ashley and Morley clan, but it turned out not to match. Either I got the connection wrong, or (I like to think more likely) there was a non-paternal event.

The person who took the 18 marker test has agreed in principle to a BigY-700 test. I would only do this test when the next sale comes along. By that time I hope to have raised the finance for the test. I have $59 in the General Fund at the moment, so depending on the generosity of the next sale, we are looking for another $300-330.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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