John William Warburton

John William Warburton (1878-1950) is in the Tottington clan. His grandson, Richard Tipping is trying to find his military service records from WW1, so far with limited success. However he has received three interesting photos from Phil Mather of the Fusilier Museum in Bury.

This picture shows John W Warburton’s name at the bottom of the first column of the Affetside Congretional Sunday School Roll of Honour. There is also a Harry Warburton who is listed as killed.

Harry was John William’s distant cousin and I told his story in an earlier post.

A hand drawn tree showing John William, his siblings and his parents. It was drawn by a lady who is from a different branch of the Tottington clan. Christine Ritchie maybe?
Mr Whittaker (Holcombe Brook), Miss Eliza Hannah Warburton (Four Lane Ends and then Redmangate), Mrs Lillian Mather (Hawkshaw) 1908/10 Outside Affetside Chapel.

This picture was found by Christine Ritchie on the Affetside Village website.Eliza was John William’s sister. She was a school teacher and never married.

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  1. The Tottington Clan are my ancestors. Much of my research (now put on the side) is on Ray’s site. John William Warburton is the son of Joseph Warburton, the youngest son of John and Eliza Howarth. It would be fun to compare notes.

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