New Warrington Family

I have added a new family called the Warrington (Phenix) family following input and discussions from Alan Phenix.

It represents the Alan’s ancestors back to John and Betty Warburton who had 11 children between 1788 and 1813, including Alan’s ancestor James. Betty is probably Betty Birchall who married John in January 1788 at Prescot, St Mary.

Another of John and Betty’s sons could be the John who heads the Warrington and Chorley clan. However he is not the only John baptised at St. Elphin, Warrington in 1798 so more research is needed.

There are also minor updates to a couple of other clans (Warburton Village, and haslingden and Utah), plus corrections to the Combined Index.

1 thought on “New Warrington Family”

  1. Dear Ray l have contacted you before regarding my own research on my own Warburton line, l have now quite a tree of Warburtons from Leeds who are linked to Lancashire Warburtons but l am unsure how. The oldest member on the tree is a John Warburton 1776 married to Mary after which l have hit a brick wall. I would like to send you my findings but not sure how to go about it.
    helen Abrahams

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