Walmersley and Bolton (Bakers) Clan

I have just published a new tree that combines three families that are linked on the basis of specific assumptions. 

The families are:

  • The ancestors of Warburtons Bakers of Bolton, starting from Henry born in 1805. It is based on one published by Warburtons Bakers, and was formerly the Bolton (Bakers) Clan which is replaced. An additional line was provided by Harold Schofield.
  • The descendant of James, born in 1800 in Walmersley. This is based on a tree provided by Virginia Nightingale, with additional information from Peter Jones.  .
  • The descendants of Peter and Elizabeth Heap. This family are a by product of research into Edenfield families and local parish records in support of the Edenfield clan.

The Family of Thomas and Sarah

The first two families are linked by the assumption that 4 children of Thomas and Sarah of Walmersley, baptised at Holcombe between 1800 and 1804, are part of the same family as 4 children of Thomas and Sarah of Edenfield, baptised at Edenfield Chapel between 1805 and 1809.

The family now has a Thomas and a Thommy, but the burial of a daughter Phanny 2 years after Thommy’s baptism, aged 2, suggests that Thommy is an error. I have treated her as a daughter named Fanny.

Thomas’s occupation is not mentioned on the 4 baptisms at Holcombe, but on his son James’s second marriage he is named as Thomas, a carder. He is also a carder on the baptisms of Thommy (Fanny), and George, but on Henry’s he is a spinner and on Susannah’s he is an engineer. These might be errors, or evidence of attempts to better himself, with his attempt to become a spinner failing so he reverted to carder.

The Identification of Henry

It is assumed that the Henry born in 1805 is the same Henry whose son Thomas founded the bakery business in Bolton.

The baptism recorded at Edenfield Chapel is the only one close to this birth date, and likely place of birth, and there is no evidence of a second Henry to account for this baptism. On balance it is most likely that this is the same Henry. However there are a couple of issues. Firstly in the 1851 census his age is 46, and place of birth Walmsly. This would put his birth between April 1804 and March 1805. His age at death is consistent with this. However the Henry at Edenfield wasn’t born until July.

Secondly the baptism gives the family abode as Edenfield. The place of birth on the 1851 census is probably a misspelling of Walmsley in Bolton. However he married a girl from Holcombe, which is close to Walmersley, near Bury, and he spent his early married life there, being recorded as living in Walmersley in the 1841 census, and he was buried at St Emmanuel, Holcombe. For the 1851 census, when the family were living in Bolton, he most probably stated his place of birth as Walmersley, but the census enumerator confused this with Walmsley near Bolton.

As Henry was the first of the four children of Thomas and Sarah of Edenfield, directly preceded by the 4 children from Walmersley, his stated place of birth in 1851 is a link between the two halves of the family.

The Identification of Thomas and Sarah

The identification of Thomas, the father of the above children with the son of Peter and Elizabeth nee Heap is based on the assumption that he is the Thomas whose burial was recorded at Holcombe in 1810. This it turn rests on the assumption that the Sarah Jackson who is living with James in the 1841 census is his mother, being the same person as the Sally Warburton, widow, who married James Jackson in 1818. This is despite the fact that James married Peggy Jackson so the Sarah living with him could be her relative, though she is not her mother who was named Mary.

If Sarah was a widow in 1818, Thomas must have died between 1809 and 1818. Only 2 burials are recorded at Bury, in 1810 aged 55 from Elton, and in 1813, aged 67 from Tottington. The 1810 burial was at Holcombe, but recorded at both Holcombe and Bury. Both burials implyThomas move again from Edenfield.

Sarah Jackson’s age at death gives a birth circa 1776/7, making her 19 years younger than the son of Peter and Elizabeth, and 30 years younger than the Thomas who was buried in 1813.

The burial in 1810 is the best fit because the age gap is smaller, and the date is closer to birth of Sarah’s last child, and so explains why Sarah stopped having children in her early 30s. The issue with this burial is that the abode of Thomas is Elton in the Bury parish register, and Heartsough Mill in the Holcombe register. Presumably Heartsough Mill is in Elton . This change of abode could be explained because Thomas’s occupation on the last baptism had changed to Engineer. No records have been uncovered describing an alternative life for Thomas. 

The identification of Sarah as Sarah Handley is speculative. The death of Sarah Jackson in 1846, aged 69 limits the possible dates for her marriage to 1795-9., and the marriage of Thomas and Sarah Handley at Manchester Cathedral is the best fit. The only other recorded marriages are one in Wiltshire, and the marriage of Thomas and Sally Isherwood which is discounted as that Thomas died in 1805. There could however be an unrecorded marriage.

All recorded Sarah Handly baptisms circa 1776/7 were outside Lancashire.

Peter and Elizabeth Heap

The family of Peter and Elizabeth nee Heap shares characteristics with the Edenfield clan as it is from a similar area, and includes the name Peter, but no actual connection has been identified.

Further discussion of the details behind these assumptions can be found in my papers Thomas and Sarah Families and Edenfield Clan and Related Peters on the Papers page of my website (warburton.one-name.net). 

Other Changes

As well as the new clan, I have updated the Rossendale Families in Parishes, and added minor amendments to the Edenfield, Warburton Village, Houghton and Culcheth clans.

2 thoughts on “Walmersley and Bolton (Bakers) Clan”

  1. Ray,
    Graces Guide mentions a Hardsough Mill, Edenfield in 1891.
    https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Hardsough_Mill,_Edenfield. Could this be corrupted to Heartsough?
    Hardsough Lane, Edenfield is about 600 metres from Edenfield Parish Church. It runs from Blackburn Road down towards Irwell Vale Station and the River Irwell. It is shown as a Woollen Mill and Tenter ground on the OS Six-inch England and Wales map of Lancashire LXXIX (includes: Haslingden; Ramsbottom; Tottington; Turton.) Surveyed: 1844 to 1847. Published: 1850.
    I have lived in the Tottington, Elton, Edenfield, Bury area for 60 years. I am not aware of there having been a Heartsough or Hartsough Mill in the area. Clearly this doesn’t preclude one but I was aware of the area known as Hardsough. Best regards,

    1. Hi Russ,

      That’s very interesting. There is only one letter difference and it would put Thomas in Edenfield. It doesn’t explain the entry at Bury St Mary that says Elton. I’m assuming it is a copy of the burial at Holcomb which was a chapel in Bury parish. A bit of a coincidence if two Thomases died the same day and were buried the same day. I just rechecked the images on Ancestry and the Bury record was a Bishops Transcript. Maybe it’s just a copying error.

      Many thanks, Ray

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