FTDNA Summer Sale

FTDNA have just announced their summer sale, which runs to August 31st. There is between $20 and $50 off new tests and upgrades.

If you were thinking about a test, maybe this is the encouragement you need. If you have already tested, maybe now is the time to consider an upgrade to BigY-700. Or if you just want to support the Warburton DNA Project now would be a good time to put a contribution into the General Fund to get someone else’s test over the line.

Because I am working on the Partington clan at the moment, and this is one of a number of clans (Pennsylvania, Percy Grey, Hamlet, Warrington-John, Flintshire) that form the Partington branch of the Cheshire Group, I am willing to donate $100 towards a BigY-700 test of upgrade for anyone in those clans. If you are not sure if you belong to one of these please contact me and I will check it out.

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