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Wayne commented on the Clan page (which I am playing around with at the moment). I thought he would get better exposure if I turned it into a post. I had a quick look on the censuses at William (1849-1912) and find he had 9 children including five sons, so no wonder there are so many second cousins. If just one of these is a male Warburton there is an opportunity for some DNA testing. One of my own DNA matches has an earliest ancestor from Ince, Cheshire, which isn’t that far from Chester.

Also I notice Chester Records office have wills for1 if not both of the Samuels.

Wayne’s comment:

Good day Ray et al,
I began my search a couple of years ago, but ‘life’ sort of got in the way and I’m now just getting back to it and would be curious if some of my links connect with others. My Warburton ancestors beginning with my grandfather are:

  • Thomas Warburton 1891-1977 (died in Canada)
  • William Buckley Orton Warburton 1849-1912 (died in Chester)
  • Samuel Warburton 1812-1893 (died in Tarvin, Cheshire)
  • Samuel Warburton 1780-1814 (died in Burton Cheshire)
  • William Warburton (no dates) was married to Mary as far as I know but have no maiden name).

My family history centers around Chester including place names as noted above as well as Boughton, Hoole, and Plemstall, Kelsall, Delamere and surroundings. It’s been several years since I have visited but am looking forward to 2014 with more history ‘under my belt’ and so if anyone connects to any of the above, I’d be delighted to be in touch.
I started my website a couple of years ago, but never got beyond what you see; however, the interesting part of further searching discovered a great aunt & great uncle lost to current family members, and subsequently I have now met a half dozen NEW second cousins on-line which has certainly enhanced the fun in searching.
Lastly, Samuel (above 1812-1893) was connected to Burton Hall and farmed a number of the pieces of land. I have also visited Burton Hall several times which has been undergoing a major renovation to a very ‘up market’ status. So I’m now playing catch up and am looking forward to many more hours of searching for those both ‘Dead & Alive’ !! :-)

Nova Scotia Canada

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