Partington Clan

I have now completed a new clan called the Partington Clan, which incorporates and replaces the previously published Pennsylvania Clan. In doing so it virtually doubles its size.

The Warburtons of Partington are descended from William Warburton who was granted land in Parington in 1320. It is therefore an old and important clan. Although I have an old DNA result from the Pennsylvania clan which shows it is part of the Cheshire group, I am very keen to get a BigY-700 result from the clan. There are other clans within the Cheshire group I also believe are ultimately descended from William, as shown on the Cheshire Group Haplotree. Hence my recent offer of a $250 subsidy to one BigY-700 test, or Y37 to Big Y-700 upgrade from any of the Cheshire Group clans which show on the Cheshire Group Haplotree under William of Partington.

The published clan starts with John of Partington who died and left a will in 1604.

The previously published Pennsylvania Clan describes the descendants of George Warburton and Mary Chandler. George was the son of George of Partington who was baptised at Warburton in 1674.

The Pennsylvania branch was established when John Warburton and Mary nee Sadler took their family to America in 1816.

This tree was was developed from a tree sent to me some years ago by Cathy Warburton of California. It was on my to do list for a long time, and I have been working on it on and off for a couple of years. Cathy had collected a lot of information from wills and parish records which I have checked through and built on.

The Pennsylvania branch is based on that recorded on the Sullivan County Settlers site by Lyle Rockwell and Larry Pardoe at: (referred to as the Settlers Site). They in turn took their information from the John & Mary Sadler Warburton Family Bible, and it particular the Diary (referred to as the Family Diary), in possession of their GGGgrandson George Robert Warburton, born in 1930, together with information from George on the descendants of George T. Warburton, son of John & Mary Warburton.

I recently published the Flixton clan which was originally part of Cathy’s tree, though she had pointed out the anomaly that the identification of Richard, who heads the Flixton clan was suspect because, according to his uncle’s will, he shouldn’t have been alive after 1781 and he lived until 1818. Therefore, although Richard’s choice of names for his children makes it likely he is linked to the Partington clan, I cannot contradict the evidence from the will, especially as it is compounded by an anomaly in Richard’s age at death.

I also discovered that a family I included in the Altrincham clan should be in the Partington Clan, so I have published an updated Altrincham clan.

I have also updated the Urmston clan following my recent story of the Butter Boggart of Old Lostock.

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