New Prestwich Family

I have just added a new Family to the Clans Page. It is the family of Nik Warburton whose BigY-700 DNA result was recently received. It is called the Prestwich family because that was the location of the earliest recorded baptism record. It has been extracted from a large tree that Nik sent me.

The parents of that first child were John Warburton and Maria nee Varley who married at Manchester Cathedral in 1821. John was already a widower and it isn’t known if he originated from that area. The family subsequently migrated to the St Helens area, and then the Rochdale area.

Nik’s was one of three BigY-700 tests ordered in the recent DNA Sale, all from the Lancashire Group. I am still awaiting one of the results because there seems to have been a hiccup in sending out the test kit (hopefully now on its way). I will not be updating the various DNA documents until I have that result.

However Nik’s result is most closely matched to the result from the New South Wales clan. They share 3 new SNPs, and this is already highlighted in the latest version of the Discover Tool. This has also highlighted an error in my Lancashire Group Haplotree. I had used two SNPs to create a couple of new branches, but it seems these SNPs are from an unreliable segment of the Y chromosome, and are ignored by the Discover Tool.

Further to my previous Post on the P-FT72032 Conundrum, I can report that both the new results have that SNP. It has now appeared in all but one of the BigY-700 results. It wasn’t tested for in BigY-500 and I have one BigY-500 result left in the group. Unfortunately that cannot be upgraded as the tester is no longer with us.

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