Black Friday Sale

As I predicted the Early Bird sale at FamilyTreeDNA has morphed into the Black Friday Sale, running until November 30th. This time the Y37 test is reduced even further, from $119 to $79. BigY-700 is still reduced from $449 to $379, and an upgrade from Y37 to BigY-700 is reduced from $339 to $319.

The Y37 test is recommended if you just want to see if you match one of the already identified Warburton groups. The BigY-700 test is necessary if you are not already linked to one of the lineages covered by my SNP Ages from the Discovery Tool document, or if your result will help place you more accurately in one of the group haplotrees. If you wish to discuss your situation please contact me. Some BigY candidate’s results will be of interest to other project members, raising the possibility of shared expense.

I am still awaiting one Lancashire Group result from recent tests. It is currently being processed. Meanwhile I am editing various project documents, including the DNA Project Page on the website. Documents already updated include DNA and its Uses in Genealogy, Warburton DNA Project Overview, and DNA Results Commentary. The changes reflect an increased emphasis on the BigY-700 test and the Discover Tool so as part of that I have removed material from the DNA and its Uses document about calculating common ancestor dates from STR results into a separate document called STR Time to Most Recent Ancestor Calculations. I am still working on updates to the Lancashire Group documents and SNP Ages from the FTDNA Discover Tool.

Hopefully the Black Friday sale will morph into a Christmas sale.

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