Can We Exploit the FTDNA Sale?

FTDNA have begun their Xmas sale. We have made great strides recently with the Warburton DNA Project  so it would be nice to exploit the offers available.

The standard Y37 -STR test used by the project is $119 until December 31st. So if you have been wondering about it now is the time to give yourself an Xmas present.

The $49 Y12-STR test which I have mentioned recently as a starter test does not appear on the price list ,but I believe from reading blogs it is available on request. If anyone is interested let me know and I will inquire.

There is a new Big-Y test. This is a comprehensive Y-chromosome SNP test, far more comprehensive than the Geno 2.0 test I took recently. It is said to remove the need for any further SNP testing. It has been recommended to me as important for developing our knowledge of the King’s Cluster and the Dutton-Warburton Clan’s relationship to it. My Dutton counterpart, Mike Dutton is already signed up. I am the obvious candidate but it could be any of the 10 members of the Warburton Group. So shout if you would like to be the guinea pig.

It is available at an introductory price of $495 until 30t November (a 40% reduction). I am also being recommended to find one more 111 marker STR testee from within the Warburton group. The upgrade is $188. I have a candidate but since we paid for his first test from the General Fund, it will need to fund this test also.

I am therefore asking for contributions to the General Fund from anyone who has an interest in this research. Any amount, however small, will help. I will start with a $50 donation, and add more when I can.


4 thoughts on “Can We Exploit the FTDNA Sale?”

  1. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for mentioning the sale! I decided to purchase the standard Y37 -STR test and will let you know the results once I get them back.

    As you may recall, I wrote you about a year ago about my Warburton clan who was from the Blackburn area and emigrated to Massachusetts in the 1860’s. I am descended from Taylor Warburton, son of Joseph Warburton (both of whom emigrated to Massachusetts), son of William Warburton. (William is the farthest i can date back to on record)

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thank you, and welcome to the DNA Project. FTDNA will keep me informed of your progress and your results. lets hope they turn out to be interesting.


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