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I have now completed all the supporting documentation for the DNA Page, and updated the page itself to reflect this. There are now 4 papers, DNA and its Uses in Genealogy, and DNA Strategy which already existed, Commentary on Results, which has been heavily updated, and The Cheshire Group which replaces the old My Genetic Links, though it includes information from the old paper that is still relevant.

The papers refer to several charts and tables which are also in place. Some were there before, though they are updated, but most are new including two charts on The King’s Cluster that are maintained by Ian McDonald within the R1b-U106 project at Family Tree DNA. Family Tree DNA also keep the full Warburton DNA Project results on the project webpage.

I am the world’s worst proof reader so as you explore the various documents please let me know if you spot mistakes. Also I am always happy to (try) and answer any queries.

2 thoughts on “DNA Page Updated”

  1. How do I get to the Tottington site? Do I need to pay a subsciption. If so send details, please. I am a Warburton on my maternal grandmother’s side .Regards,Robin Hunt.

    1. I resume you are referring to documentation on the Tottington clan? It is present on this site and on my old site, for which there is a link in the sidebar. There are three items, a descendant report, a chart (both in PDF format), and a tree. The first two are on both sites, but the one on this site is probably more up to date. The tree only exists on the old site, and only as part of a combined tree called Warburton Trees. My plan is the put the clan trees individually on this site, but that is my next task. The trick to finding the Tottington entities in the combined tree is to find a person of interest in the more comprehensive Combined Index on this site and use their dates to find them in the index of the combined tree.


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