Clans Page Completed

I have now transferred all of the family trees from my old site. Each clan and family is now a separate family tree, though the smaller families are still grouped into a couple of Descendant Reports.

This includes breaking down the Shocklach and Turton clans, which originally contained multiple unconnected families. Shocklach is now 2 clans and two additional families, whilst there is one reduced Turton clan (though it is a Bolton clan with no association with Turton), and two Turton families.

The Clans page now has a consistent format to describe each clan/family with links to the tree, descendant report and chart. I’ve also discovered a new (to me) feature of the on-line trees which allows you to see 5 generations of ancestors for anyone in the tree at the click of a button on a little tree symbol. I’ve also put an ‘relevant’ picture on the introductory page of each tree.

If you want to find someone in the trees but are unsure of their clan then your starting point is the Combined Index. This lists everyone in the various trees and gives their dates of birth, baptism, and death. It also has their place of birth and clan. The individual trees also have an index but this only has name, and dates of birth and death (not an option I can change).

I’ve tried all the links and they seem to work. Please have a play, and let me know if there are any problems. I just have the Papers page to finish off and then I will be able to get back to creating new content. I’m also aware the next newsletter is overdue, but I am holding off until I have my Big Y results.

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  1. Looking for Nathaniel and father Henry Warburton christened Ainsworth ( CockeyMoor) near Bolton/Bury in 1841 census Nathaniel and family living Darcy Lever, Bolton.
    Regards Dianne

  2. Hello!

    I just found this website whilst conducting a casual google search. Our family doesn’t live in England anymore, so we very rarely come across the name “Warburton”! Lovely to know that there are so many of us about! :).

    Hope that the project is going well so far…I’d love to find out if we have any long-lost relatives!

    All the best,

    Rebecca J. Warburton.

    P.s. I did a little Facebook stalking (sorry!), since the link on the home page didn’t work (I have only just found this ‘Leave a Reply page’), and left you a message. It said that it had gone through to your ‘other’ folder, since we aren’t connected.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Not sure I understand which link on the Home page doesn’t work. You should be able to email me by clicking on the picture of me. Also not sure about my ‘other folder’. I don’t use Facebook much anyway now I have built this site. I’m probably not the only Ray Warburton on there.

      Since yo don’t live in England now where are you? How far have you got wit your own ancestors. If you let me know your oldest Warburton ancestor I might be able to see if we are linked.

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