The main activity of the Warburton One-name Study is to document Warburton clans. A clan consists of all the Warburton descendants of an earliest known ancestor. A clan will also share a similar Y-chromosome DNA profile. Where a new profile is known to have been introduced through adoption or illegitimacy a new sub-clan is created, linked to the original clan. Similarly two or more clan may be shown to have a similar DNA profile that shows they are linked, although the exact nature of the link may be unknown. In some cases a clan may not yet have a known DNA profile, or sufficient profiles to prove it applies all the way back to the earliest known ancestor. In this case new profiles might change the clan structure.

Family trees normally focus on the ancestors of a living person. In contrast Clan trees focus on an historic figure and his descendants.  For each descendant  I will give, as a minimum, the name, known vital data (dates of birth, marriage and death), spouse, and children of each Warburton descendant. The tree will include the spouses of female Warburtons, and a note of their children where known, but the lines will be followed no further. My primary sources are parish records, censuses, birth, marriage and death registers and Monumental Inscriptions. I try to include information on any other sources, and any questionable data, within notes.

Each clan will have, or be part of, an on-line tree consisting of  Family Web Cards and Person Sheets, plus an Index and Surnames list. Warburton Trees Index is a more detailed index to all the trees which includes dates and places, and the clan to which the person belongs. Each clan will also have one or more Descendant Reports, which contain the contents of the tree in narrative form, and one or more Descendant Charts. These are in PDF format.


I do not use the Sources feature of my my Family Tree Program, because having numerous superscripts in the text makes it less readable. Instead I refer to sources in the text where necessary. Many trees are based in inputs from various people or sources and these are usually acknowledged in the notes on the earliest ancestor of the tree, as well as in the clan notes on this page.

My own research predominantly uses parish records, Monumental Inscriptions, Birth, Marriage and Death Registration indexes, and Censuses to determine the basic vital details. The method of access  to these records is variable with information increasingly available on-line in transcribed or image form. In the early days I did access microfilmed parish records in various record centres but these days my work is almost exclusively on line. Unless otherwise noted the vital details are obtained as follows:

  • Exact birth dates are from baptism records if shown, the 1939 Register, or recent Death Registration index entries. Otherwise the year is estimated from the baptism record, or census ages, or determined from the Birth Registration Index entry. When the Birth Registration Index is used the year, index reference, and mother’s maiden name are given (the mother’s maiden name was not available pre-1911 until recently).
  • Place of birth is from the baptism record if shown, or census entries.
  • Date and place of baptism is from parish records.
  • Exact date of place of marriage is from parish records. Marriages from Marriage Registration Index show the year and the marriage reference. The LancashireBMD and CheshireBMD sites also give the location of marriages they have transcribed from the Marriage Registration Index.
  • Exact death dates are from burial records, if shown, or Monumental Inscriptions where these have been published. In the latter case I would include a grave number. Where the death is determined from the Death Registration Index the year,  the index reference, and the age are given.
  • Place of death is from burial records, if included, or deduced from census entries.
  • Census entries, including the 1939 Register are recorded as census events against the head of the family. Children are only recorded with their parents until they leave home. Where two families are living together I may record the event against both families.


Up to the end of 2017 all Reports were generated using the Reports feature of my old Windows-based Legacy Family History Program as PDF files. From 2018 the Book feature of my Mac based Reunion Family History Programme will be used. The feature in the new version 12 is much improved. As trees are amended, or new trees are built, the Reports will appear in the new format, though still as PDFs. At some point, when the residue of old reports gets small enough, I will do a bulk conversion of the older ones.

Combined Index

  • There are currently 11,382 names, including 7,515 Warburtons and 2 Warburton-Lyttons, in the various clans. These names are included in a Combined Index, a PDF document listing name, dates of birth, baptism, and death, place of birth, and clan. If you are looking for an ancestor and don’t know his clan then this is the place to start.
  • Searching the Index: The index is a rather long list. I recommend you use your browser’s Find facility (if it has one; my experience is with Safari). I have added a column with full name which should help. A search for Warburton is not much help but a search for John Warburton will get you to the first occurrence of that as part of a name. Where possible I find it easier to search for a known spouse’s name. Birth and death dates and place of birth should then help to identify the person you are looking for. The flags then identify the clan where that person can be found. In some cases there is a flag for a family name, and one for the the collection of families that contains the relevant descendant report.
  • Last Updated: 28th December 2020.
  • Link:  Index

The Clans

The Cheshire Group:

The Warburtons of Arley Hall (the original Warburton family)

  • Ancestor: Adam de Dutton (c 1150 -1208).
  • Note: Sir Piers de Dutton adopted the name de Werberton in the 13th century and so is the oldest known Warburton. He in turn was descended from Adam de Dutton who acquired estates at Warburton in Cheshire. The original de Dutton was Odard who arrived in Cheshire with the Norman Conquest. The family moved to Arley Hall in the 15th century. The last Warburton at Arley Hall was Sir Peter, the fifth Baronet, who died childless in 1813.
  • Acknowledgements: The most comprehensive version of the family tree of the Warburtons of Arley was published in 1819 by George Ormerod in his The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester. Much of this tree was repeated in Warburton: The Village and the Family by Norman Warburton, published in 1970.  Ormerod also has a tree of Warburton, Henry and Ashton of Hefferston Grange. Additional material is from the Arley Hall Guide Book, Seven Households by Charles Foster, a tree provided by the late Virginia Warburton, whose husband is descended from the Garryhinch Warburtons, and a website ‘’ whose main source is ‘Burke’s Landed Gentry’. Also here are numerous entries relating to members of the family on IGI. Apart from a few actual records of baptisms this information, particularly in terms of dates, is dubious. However, some details, with the above caveats, have been added from IGI when they add to the information already known.
  • Last Updated: 29th March 2020.
  • Size: 285 people, 178 Warburtons.
  • Links:  Tree  Report  Chart

Hale Barns:

  • Ancestor: George Warburton (circa 1575-1639).
  • DNA Profilse: H1112 (my own), 306676 (from Mobberley branch, and H1564 (Ringley branch).
  • Note: This is my own tree and so has extensions that are not Warburtons. It originated in Hale Barns and was well established by 1600. My earliest certain ancestor is George (died 1639), but there is evidence his father was Thomas the Elder of Hale Barns who died in 1634. Only one of George’s sons, John Warburton (c1608-1691) had multiple sons (five) so all lines of descent meet with him.  They were originally a family of small landowners and tenant farmers and the farmhouse they occupied is still occupied by Warburtons today.
  •  The Descendant Chart is too big to be rendered in one chart and so has been split into five, one showing the earliest generations, three showing the descendants of 3 sons of John Warburton (c1608-1691), Thomas, Josiah and John of Mobberley, and one showing the Ringley Clan, which is linked by DNA and is probably linked genealogically to the Mobberley Clan.
  • Acknowledgements: I built this tree from many sources, including Cheshire wills, Crewe Estate records, and parish records. I was greatly helped in the early days by others who had already explored this branch of Warburtons, particularly Sheila Hartley and Bill Warburton of Australia.
  • Last Updated: 30th January 2020.
  • Size: 1486 people, 803 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  EarlyChart 1 ThomasChart 2  JosiahChart  MobberleyChart  RingleyChart


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (1734-1823)
  • DNA Profile: H1572, H1579.
  • Note: The Houghton Clan is descended from John Warburton of Houghton Green near Warrington. The most likely baptism for John was at Newchurch Kenyon. There are DNA matches that place the clan in the Cheshire Group which is descended from the Norman Knight Odard de Dutton.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is an aggregation of trees from different sources, plus my own research.   The sources include:
    • Brian and Don Warburton of British Colombia, and Peter Warburton from the UK.
    • Karen Stretton, Martin Coble and Rebecca Stone of the previously separate Widnes Clan incorporating the descendants of William Warburton of Widnes.
    • Andy Hatton who identified a new branch of the clan.
  • Last Updated: 8th July 2020.
  • Size: 434 people, 304 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (died 1604)
  • DNA Profile: H1578.
  • Note: The Warburtons of Partington are descended from William Warburton who was granted land in Parington in 1320. This branch starts with John of Partington who died and left a will in 1604. It includes the previously published Pennsylvania Clan which described the descendants of George Warburton and Mary Chandler. George was the son of George of Partington who was baptised at Warburton in 1674. The Pennsylvania branch was established when John Warburton and Mary nee Sadler took their family to America in 1816.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree was was developed from a tree sent to me by Cathy Warburton of California. The Pennsylvania branch is based on that recorded on the Sullivan County Settlers site by Lyle Rockwell and Larry Pardoe at: (referred to as the Settlers Site). They in turn took their information from the John & Mary Sadler Warburton Family Bible, and it particular the Diary (referred to as the Family Diary), in possession of their GGGgrandson George Robert Warburton, born in 1930, together with information from George on the descendants of George T. Warburton, son of John & Mary Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 11th  November  2020.
  • Size: 599 people, 395 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart1 Chart2


  • Ancestor: Richard Warburton (circa 1741-1818)
  • DNA Profile: None.
  • Note: This clan documents the descendants of Richard Warburton and Lucy nee Owen who married at Flixton in 1769.  Richard was originally considered to be the son of John, baptised at Flixton in 1744, and therefore part of the family of John and Ellen nee Royle of the Partington clan. However, John’s brother (also Richard) states in his will that there was only one son of John, named Thomas, who was living when Richard died in 1781.  Also Richard of Flixton’s age at death implies he was born in 1741. Therefore I have presumed that John and Ellen’s son died before 1781, and Richard of Flixton had different, currently unknown parents.  Nevertheless Richard’s children’s names, particularly Peter, George, and Christian are similar to those used in the Partington clan so it is probable they are related in some way.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree is based on input from Cathy Warburton, and an Ancestry Public Tree by John Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 2nd September 2020.
  • Size: 122 people, 93 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Warrington (John)

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (circa 1754-1821)
  • DNA Profile: 224421.
  • Note: The members of this clan are descendants of John Warburton, a flax dresser of Warrington and his wife Tabitha Morris.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree is based on input from Adrian Stanley.
  • Last Updated: 6th June 2013.
  • Size: 102 people, 78 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Warrington (Hamlet)

  • Ancestor: Hamlet Warburton (died 1700)
  • DNA Profile: H1574.
  • Note: This clan comprises the descendants of Hamlet Warburton who was a smith in Warrington and Woolton. The name Hamlet is believed to be a derivative of Hamo, the name of 7 generations of the de Masci family of Dunham Massey. It is considered a marker for the Warburtons of Partington and so might imply kinship with that family.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree is based on The Family History of Edward Gilbert O’Hagan Warburton by Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd, which was provided by Frank Carlton O’Hagan Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 20th January 2012
  • Size: 99 people, 68 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: Peter Warburton (married 1722).
  • DNA Profile: 373609
  • Note: This clan is closely linked to the Hale Barns Clan by DNA, and probably diverged after the family were established in Hale. Peter Warburton probably came from Grappenhall but brought up his family in Weaverham, near Northwich, Cheshire. Various descendants moved to places such as Daresbury, Preston Brook,  and Thelwall, near the Lancashire border. A new branch, added in 2020, was originally attached to the Partington Clan, but this was discounted, and further investigation revealed a probable link to the Weaverham Clan. A descendant of the clan was Adrian Warburton whose exploits are described in Warburton’s War: The Life of Wing Commander Adrian Warburton, DSO, DFC by Tony Spooner. There is also an interesting Wikipedia entry for him.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on a spreadsheet provided by Alan Entwistle., with an extension by Liz Hendry. The large new branch added in 2020 is based on part of a tree of Lymm families provided by Cathy Warburton, that mostly became the Partington Clan.
  • Last Updated: 28th December 2020.
  • Size: 268 people, 177 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

Percy Gray Family

  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (born pre-1790)
  • DNA Profile: 224096.
  • Note: This family is named after its most interestingly named member. Its earliest  ancestor is Thomas who came from Culcheth near Warrington.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree was provided by Mark Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 8th  July 2020.
  • Size: 30 people, 24 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: Joseph Warburton who died before 1845, but is the recorded father of John (1809-1886).
  • DNA Profile: H1580
  • Note: This profile is from a descendant of John Warburton who was born circa 1809 in Holywell, Flintshire. The family moved to Frodsham, and then Everton in Liverpool. According to Norman Warburton’s book a Warburton family was recorded in Flintshire as early as 1408.
  • Last Updated: 3rd August 2014.
  • Size: 27 people, 23 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Altrincham (possible inclusion that needs DNA checking)

  • Ancestor: George Warburton of Altrincham (circa 1701-1781).
  • Note:  George’s origins are uncertain but he is possibly the son of Aaron and Jane and thus linked to the Hale Barns clan. The clan is therefore included in the Cheshire Group.
  • Last Updated: 111th November 2020
  • Size: 33 people, 26 Warburtons
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

The Descendants of Bancroft Warburton 

  • Ancestor: John Bancroft  (c 1700 -1756) and Elizabeth Warburton (c 1715 – 1775)
  • Note: This family lived in the Great Sankey area of Lancashire, close to the Cheshire boarder (actually it is now part of modern day Manchester and Merseyside). The family is descended from Bancroft Warburton (1738-1805) who was christened at Bowdon in 1738, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Warburton and John Bancroft. They married 10 years after Bancroft was born. John Bancroft was first married to Mary Warburton of the Hale Barns clan. It is likely that Elizabeth Warburton, Bancroft’s mother, and later John Bancroft’s second wife, was related to Mary (possibly a cousin) but this cannot be proved. Nevertheless despite Bancroft’s illegitimate birth the clan is included in the Cheshire group. I have written a set of notes on Bancroft which explore this possibility as well as other facts surrounding Bancroft’s origins.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree was developed from a file provided by John Humphries with additions from David Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 26th June 2019
  • Size: 254 people, 175 Warburtons
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

The Lancashire Group:


  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (circa 1490 – after 1559).
  • DNA Profiles: There are two matching DNA Profiles from the clan, including a BigY result. These are 363975( Big Y)  and 408583  a 12 marker test that  showed a couple of differences but matched the key rare alleles, followed by SNP tests). Both are A15056 positive, but the Bg Y is also A20939 positive, whilst the other is negative.. There are several other matches from clans with origins in the area which together form The Lancashire Group. It is likely these other clans are branches of the Edenfield clan though the exact links have yet to be found.
  • Note: The Warburtons of Edenfield first appear in the Halmote Records of Tottington Manor in the early 16th century although there is an earlier mention of a probable ancestor on a rental from 1442.  Two related papers,  Warburton References in the Halmote Records of Tottington Manor , and  Edenfield Clan and Related Peters can be found on the Papers page of the website.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on an original tree provided by Anthony Carter, with additional input from Nicolas Blackhurst, and David Hardman. It has been considerably extended by my own research and information on additional lines from Robert Warburton, Colin Warburton, and Sharron Newhouse.
  • Last Updated: 6th July 2020.
  • Size: 361 people, 255 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report  Chart

Bury and Massachusetts

  • Ancestor: William Warburton (married in 1802).
  • DNA Profile: 316620. As well as the standard 37 marker test, the testee, Eric Warburton, has also done the Big Y test.
  • Note: This tree documents the descendants of William Warburton and Mary Yates who lived in various places around Bury, as well as for a time in Rochdale. One branch of the family emigrated to Massachusetts. Eric belongs to this branch.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on a tree provided by Eric Warburton which I have pruned to focus on Warburtons, adjusted the style, and extended down new Warburton lines.
  • Last Updated: 14th January 2020 (minor).
  • Size: 193 people, 125 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report  Chart

Haslingden and Utah

  • Ancestor: James Warburton (alive 1823)
  • DNA Profile: 416619
  • Note: This is the second Utah family with origins in Haslingden from the paper in the LDS archives by Eva Warburton Proctor.  It cannot yet be linked back beyond the parents of John, who emigrated to Utah. Also it is not linked to the first family as Eva thought, though there might be a link at Haslingden further back in time.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on the writings of Eva Proctor Warburton with input from Margo Duran, Kathy Warburton, and Almon Clegg.
  • Last Updated: 29th June 2020.
  • Size: 54 people, 34 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart


  • Ancestor: Robert Warburton of Haslingden (died 1694).
  • DNA Profile: 225866 (Haslingden).
  • Note: The Haslingden clan has been constructed on a best fit basis from parish records, and ignores a similar but different construction found on IGI. The Utah branch of the Haslingden Warburtons is based on a paper in the LDS archives by Eva Warburton Proctor (sent me by Margo Duran). It described two Warburton immigrants to Utah as half-brothers but it transpires she combined two separate families. Both originated in Haslingden and so may be related, though the link has yet to be found (the second family is described in the Haslingden and Utah Clan). The clan was originally documented alongside the Radcliffe clan, to which it is connected by marriage. DNA also indicates the two clans have a common ancestor. For reasons of size  the clan is divided into 2 charts based on each of two sons of the founder (Charts 1a and 1b).
  • Acknowledgements: This tree has been built using input from Margo Duran, Kathy Warburton,  Almon Clegg, David Clifford Warburton, Julia Frances, Stephen Carr, and Helena Sanderson.
  • Last Updated: 2nd August 2019.
  • Size: 768 people, 567 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report Chart 1a Chart 1b


  • Ancestor: William Warburton of Radcliffe (circa 1718-1777)
  • DNA Profile: H1584
  • Note: The Radcliffe clan was originally documented alongside the Haslingden clan, to which it is connected by marriage. The Utah branch of the Haslingden clan descended from this link.  The clan descends from William Warburton who was born around 1718 in Radcliffe, and includes a branch established in Trowbridge, Wiltshire by John Warburton (1776-1857) a popular preacher.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree has been built using input from David Clifford Warburton, Julia Frances, and Rosie Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 30th June 2017.
  • Size: 235 people, 165 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report Chart

Bury and WA (Loris) Family

  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (born 1787)
  • DNA Profile: IN44324
  • Note: This is the family of Loris Cooper. Originating in Bury, and linked by DNA to the Lancashire Clan, they emigrated to Western Australia and New South Wales.
  • Acknowledgements: This is based on a tree provided by Lois Cooper.
  • Last Updated: 25th June 2019.
  • Size: 66 people, 42 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

Turton Clan

  • Ancestor: George Warburton (alive 1708
  • DNA Profile: H1582
  • Note: Part of this clan was originally part of the Bolton Clan (then called the Turton clan) but a link in the chain was found to be incorrect the early families in this clan became isolated.It was then expanded when the ancestors of Ken Warburton were found to link in. This clan details the descendants of John Warburton (1708-1786) of Turton, the only known son of George and Ann (or Anna) nee Rainsford. There is an older Warburton family at Turton in the 17th century, and some contemporary families at Turton in 19th century censuses. However these have not been linked together. One problem is the family’s frequent use of Walmsley Unitarian Chapel whose records are incomplete.
  • Acknowledgements: The original family was based on a tree by Michael Wood and input from Beryl Monaghan. The bulk of the clan is based on input from Ken Warburton and features his grandfather Fred Warburton, a professional footballer. Ken’s story of Fred’s life and career, Rolling Your Own Life, featured in issue 2 of The Button Files.
  • Last Updated: 27th July 2019.
  • Size: 150 people, 100 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report  Chart


  • Ancestor: Benjamin Warburton (before 1653-1718); though his father is known to be John, and grandfather Thomas.
  • DNA Profile: 211606. Although the clan is included in the Lancashire Group, the DNA profile is sufficiently different from the rest of the group to indicate that the common ancestor lived before the adoption of surnames. It is possible he lived in Warburton soon after its foundation and two of his descendants independently adopted the Warburton name.  However variations of the profile occur in Lancashire and could have been introduced to the clan via a non-paternal event.
  • Note: The earliest records of this family are from the parish registers of St Marys, Bury but the family were located at Affetside and other locations in the Tottington area from circa 1717 onwards.
  • Acknowledgements: Ann Cooper of Colorado documented the descendants of Richard Warburton (1717-1797). Her tree has now been considerably extended with input from Christine Ritchie, and an additional branch from Luke Rothwell.
  • Last Updated: 14th January 2020.
  • Size: 474 people, 338 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

South Cheshire Group:


  • Ancestor: Peter Warburton (circa 1771-1841).
  • DNA Profile: 408623.
  • Note: I was able to flesh out this clan as a result of a query and a small piece of information from Betty DesRoche (nee Warburton). Later I extended it based on obituaries from the Crewe Chronicle provided by Alan Jenks. It originates with Peter, born in Church Coppenhall about 1771 and includes branches in Over, Cheshire, and Preston, Lancashire.
  • Last Updated: 30th June 2019.
  • Size: 215 people, 137 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (-1797).
  • DNA Profile: H1581.
  • Note: This clan documents the ancestors of one of my earlier DNA project participants Leon Warburton whose profile was unmatched until recently. This clan consists of the descendants of William Warburton born in Marthall, Cheshire in 1760, one of five children of John. William moved to Audley in Staffordshire where he married in 1788. The clan is linked by DNA to the Coppenhall clan but the actual link has yet to be uncovered.
  • Acknowledgements: I developed the tree from inputs by Leon and his distant relations, brothers Mark and Scott Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 25th October 2019.
  • Size: 86 people, 57 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

West Cheshire Group:


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (died 17323).
  • DNA Profile: 465030. Profile 224095 is also from this clan but is believed to be the result of a non-paternal event .
  • Note: This clan was formerly the Shocklach clan until it was discovered that two key members of the clan were more probably descended from a family at Tilston. Tilston and  Shocklach are neighbouring parishes in the south west corner of Cheshire near the Welsh and Shropshire boarders.  A DNA result from the clan is a match for one in the Liverpool and Oldham clan, showing a common ancestor. These two clans now form the West Cheshire Group.The clan also includes the descendants of Thomas Warburton (born 1848), the illegitimate son of Elizabeth, though which of two possible Elizabeths is uncertain. It also includes a second DNA profile with strong Stewart connections.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on information from Robert Warburton that had been collected by his father and himself over a number of years. Additional information has been provided by Richard Warburton, Diana Corbyn, Hilary Williams, and Paul Straney.
  • Last Updated: 6th February 2014
  • Size: 265 people, 187 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report  Chart

Liverpool and Oldham

  • Ancestor: William Warburton (born circa 1770).
  • DNA Profile: 216971.
  • Note: This tree  originates in Liverpool with William Warburton (born circa 1770) but the main branch moved to Oldham.
  • Last Updated: 21st January 2016 (minor).
  • Size: 70 people, 50 Warburtons.
  • Links:  Tree  Report  Chart

Ashley and Notts Group:

Ashley and Morley

  • Ancestor: Josiah Warburton of Altrincham (1715-1764).
  • DNA Profile: IN98277. This is a BigY-700 test which shows matches with the Nottinghamshire clan and the family of Samuel of Western Australia. Profile 922617 also came from a branch of this clan but is a not a match suggesting either a non paternal event, or it is in a branch which has been incorrectly attached to the clan.
  • Note: This clan documents a clan from Morley in Wilmslow and connects it to a family in Ashley within Bowdon parish that  is descended from Josiah (died 1764) and Martha nee Bradbury. Josiah’s origins are uncertain but he is possibly the Josiah son of John who was baptised in Northenden in 1715. Josiah’s origins are uncertain but he is possibly the Josiah son of John who was baptised in Northenden in 1715. The Josiah name, which occurs throughout the clan, suggested that this clan is linked to the Hale Barns clan. However DNA shows it is unrelated, it being linked to the Nottinghamshire clan with a common ancestor who probably lived before 1600 AD. A number of links in the first couple of generations are  ‘most likely’ rather than proven. Future DNA results might help here, though single mismatches might result from a non paternal event rather than signifying an error in the tree.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree includes inputs from Harold Schofield, Martin Warburton, Pat Jones, Russ Zych, and Frances Roberts.
  • Last Updated: 2nd November 2020
  • Size: 304 people, 210 Warburtons
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (living 1665)
  • DNA Profile: 548419.
  • Note: This clan  starts with William, son of John, who was baptised at Bole in Nottinghamshire in 1665. As yet it is not known how they arrived in the county. The clan may be linked to the West Virginia clan which also originated in Nottinghamshire, but there is no obvious link as yet.
  • Acknowledgements: This clan is based on a tree provided by Adrian Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 21st December 2019.
  • Size: 265 people, 191 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Samuel of Western Australia

  • Ancestor: Samuel Warburton circa 1821-1904
  • DNA Profile: IN67223.
  • Note: This is the family of Samual Warburton who was
    transported to Western Australia. In 1881, aged 60,
    he married Alice Adams aged 13. They nominally
    had 11 children, the last when he was over 80.
    However it is known at tleast one was the son of a
    neighbouring farmer.
  • Acknowledgements: Pam Lofthouse and David McKellar
  • Last Updated: 7th January 2020
  • Size: 51 people, 29 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Other Cheshire Clans and Families:

Josiah of Bowdon

  • Ancestor: Josiah Warburton (died 1763)
  • DNA Profile: None.
  • Note: Josiah of Bowdon was one of three brothers known from his brother’s will. His origins are uncertain but suggest involvement in the Hale Presbyterian movement. His descendants include William, schoolmaster of Bowdon who was previously linked by marriage to the Pool Bank clan.
  • Acknowledgements: This clan is based on information from Paul Kinsey .
  • Last Updated: 25th June 2019.
  • Size: 46 people, 37 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Pool Bank, Bowdon

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (before 1550 – before 1592)
  • DNA Profile: H1568.
  • Note: A Warburton family occupied Pool Bank farm in Bowdon in the 16th and 17th centuries. The earliest known ancestor is John Warburton who died before 1592 when his widow Jane died and left a will. The  family later moved to Timperley.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree is taken from input from Robert Warburton of Timperley.
  • Last Updated: 25th June 2019.
  • Size: 194 people, 133 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: Joseph Warburton (circa 1767-1844).
  • DNA Profile: 216972.
  • Note: This family is descended from Joseph Warburton (abt 1767-1844) who appeared in Marple, near Stockport, Cheshire in the 1790s and later moved to Torkington. Many of his descendants worked in the coal mines at Poynton.
  • Last Updated: 9th January 2019.
  • Size: 269 people, 176 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart


  • Ancestor: Ralph Warburton (circa 1817-1886).
  • DNA Profile: H1575
  • Note: This clan originated in the Sandbach area in the early 19th century, but the main line later moved to Newhall, near Nantwich.
  • Acknowledgements: The Descendant Report is based on information provided by Daphne Warburton with additional input from Heather Jones.
  • Last Updated: 25th November 2019.
  • Size: 186 people, 111  Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

Shocklach 2

  • Ancestor: James Warburton (circa1784-1841).
  • Note: This is a second family that originates in the Shocklach area and lived in various local villages. As yet no link has been found to the first family.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on information from Robert Warburton that had been collected by his father and himself over a number of years.
  • Last Updated: 1st February 2014 (made separate clan)
  • Size: 109 people, 84 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report  Chart

Warburton Village

  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (circa 1557-1627).
  • DNA Profile: There are three DNA Profiles, H1565 and H1577 which match, and H1569 which doesn’t match. One or both of these profiles must be from a non-paternal event, but as yet it is not possible to determine which.
  • Note: The Warburtons of Warburton Village are a very large clan, with over 700 Warburtons. Much of it was documented by Norman Warburton (himself a member) in his book Warburton: The Village and the Family. I have added to it from other sources, including my own researches into censuses. It includes one of the Warburton families of Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, another branch in California, and branches in Yorkshire and Staffordshire. Because of its size the tree has been split across nine charts.
  • Chart structure: Chart 1 shows the first 6 generations. From this chart only William, who first married Priscilla Ashton, and then Joan Cartwright, has descendants. Chart 2 shows his descendants from Priscilla Ashton. Two large families are broken out into Charts 3 and 9. Each of these has one of the matching DNA profiles. Chart 4 shows Williams descendants with Joan Cartwright, and includes the non-matching DNA profile. Four families have broken out into Charts 5-8.
  • Acknowledgements: The core of this tree is taken form Warburton: The Village and the Family by Norman Warburton, and represents Norman’s own ancestry. Additional branches have been added from other sources, which include:
    – The Warburtons of Warburton and Arley,” by Earl Cyrus Warburton and Geneva Warburton Dark, published in Monterey, California in 1956.
    – The Sullivan County Settlers website (
    – A paper by Dr Alan Warburton of Lancaster University
    – Additional inputs from Mark Dalby, David Hartland, Bridgit Koster, Rosalyn Warburton, Trudy Norbury,  Deborah Thomas,  Jim Maddock and Phil Ratcliffe.
  • Last Updated: 8th July 2020.
  • Size: 1428 people, 943 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart1  Chart2  Chart3  Chart4  Chart5  Chart6 Chart7  Chart8  Chart9


  • Ancestor: Peter Warburton (1746-1793).
  • DNA Profile: H1573 relates to John Charles descendants.
  • Note:  The bulk of this clan are descendants  of John Charles Warburton born in 1808 in Wilmslow, the illegitimate son of Alice Warburton. His descendants were mainly to be found in Macclesfield, and in Paterson, New Jersey. Alice’s father, Peter Warburton has yet to be linked to a known clan.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree is based on information provided by Cathy Warburton.
  • Last Updated: 4th November 2008.
  • Size: 106 people, 52 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

Other Lancashire Clans and Families:


  • Ancestor: Samuel Warburton  (circa 1790-1843)
  • Note: Samuel was originally on a tree of the descendants of James Warburton of Turton which has been placed on Ancestry by Michael Wood.  However an alternative burial found for James’s son Samuel means this Samuel now has a tree of his own which includes  his descendants who mainly lived in Bolton.
  • Acknowledgements: Michael Wood, with additional information from Beryl Monaghan.
  • Last Updated: 27th July 2019.
  • Size: 115 people, 68 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree Report Chart

A Culcheth Family

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (abt 1833-1908)
  • Note: This family are the ancestors of Les Warburton-Marsh, who provided details. The family begins with John who was born in Culcheth in 1833, but it is uncler who his parents were.
  • Last Updated: 8th July 2020
  • Size: 23 people, 17 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree Report Chart

James Anderton’s Family

  • Ancestor: James Anderton Warburton (1777-1846)
  • Note: James Anderton was the illegitimate son of Mary Anderton. When Mary subsequently married James Warburton, James junior adopted his step father’s name, though Anderton continued to be used by James at times, and it was used as a forename in the family.
  • Last Updated: 30th June 2019
  • Size: 23 people, 16 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree Report Chart

Markham Family

  • Ancestor: Richard Warburton (circa 1819-1870)
  • Note: This tree describes the known ancestors of Markham Warburton. They lived mainly in Salford, but originate in Winwick around 1819.
  • Last Updated: 25th October 2019
  • Size: 33 people, 24 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (circa 1807- bef 1861)
  • Note: This tree describes the known ancestors of Robert Stanley Warburton. John Warburton’s origins are unknown but he lived in Pendlebury before moving to Manchester.
  • Last Updated: 17th October 2019
  • Size: 37 people, 30 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (alive 1823-33)
  • Note: A family that originated in Sharples, near Bolton in Lancashire.
  • Acknowledgements: Details provided by David Warburton of Bolton, with additional input from Richard Bland.
  • Last Updated: 21st August 2011
  • Size: 34 people, 23 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: William Warburton (1760-1819)
  • Note: This clan includes the descendants of William Warburton of Urmston. The only baptism that matches his age at death is at St Michael, Flixton of William the son of John Owen or Warburton of Urmston.
  • Acknowledgements: I uncovered this clan while researching the ancestors of Andrew Warburton.
  • Last Updated: November 12th 2020.
  • Size: 140 people, 23 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Warrington and Chorley

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (circa 1798-1868)
  • Note: This was a branch of the clan provided by Adrian Stanley, see Warrington (John), but it proved to have a different origin in Warrington. The family moved to Chorley before spreading elsewhere, especially Bolton.
  • Acknowledgements: Adrian Stanley.
  • Last Updated: 20th January 2012.
  • Size: 70 people, 47 Warburtons.
  • Links:Tree Report  Chart

Warrington (Phenix)

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (married 1788)
  • Note: This family represents the Warburton ancestors of Alan Phenix back to John and Betty who had 11 children between 1788 and 1813, including Alan’s ancestor James. Betty is probably Betty Birchall who married John in January 1788 at Prescot, St Mary. The John who heads the Warrington and Chorley clan may be another of the 11 children, but this has yet to be confirmed.
  • Acknowledgements: Alan Phenix.
  • Last Updated: June 29th 2020.
  • Size: 55 people, 44  Warburtons.
  • Links:Tree Report  Chart

Weaverham and Bolton (Bakers)

  • Ancestor: Peter Warburton (m 1764)
  • Note: This tree combines three families which are linked on the basis of specific assumptions. The families are: a) the ancestors of Warburtons Bakers of Bolton, starting from Henry born in 1805, b) the descendant of James, born in 1800 in Walmersley, the descendants of Peter and Elizabeth Heap. The first two families are linked by the assumption that 4 children of Thomas and Sarah of Walmersley, baptised at Holcombe between 1800 and 1804, are part of the same family as 4 children of Thomas and Sarah of Edenfield, baptised at Edenfield Chapel between 1805 and 1809. The identification of Thomas, the father of the above children with the son of Peter and Elizabeth nee Heap is based on the assumption that he is the Thomas whose burial was recorded at Holcombe in 1810.  The assumptions are expanded on in the tree.
  • Acknowledgements: The Bakers tree is based on one published by Warburtons Bakers. An additional line was provided by Harold Schofield. The descendants of James are based on a tree provided by Virginia Nightingale, with additional information from Peter Jones. The family and descendants of Peter and Elizabeth nee Heap are a by product of research into Edenfield families and local parish records in support of the Edenfield clan. I have added additional information using on-line sources including censuses, parish records, and birth, marriage and death registrations.
  • Last Updated: 8th July 2020.
  • Size: 282 people, 189 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

Other Clans:


  • Ancestor: Richard Warburton (16th century).
  • DNA Profiles: H1566, H1571, 241263.
  • Note: Richard Warburton (1637-1717), who acquired considerable lands in Ireland, including the estate at Garryhinch, west of Dublin, was one of three brothers who went to find their fortune in Ireland in the middle of the seventeenth century. Their father was  Richard of Dublin who is attested in the 1630s. The family has always claimed kinship with the Warburtons of Arley, with Richard of Dublin possibly being a grandson of Peter, the ancestor of the Warburtons of Hefferston Grange. However the clan’s DNA profile, although triangulated to cover the whole clan, has not been matched outside it. Portarlington Golf Club was built on the old Garryhinch estate and their website includes some of the family’s history. The family has produced a number of interesting characters and their descendants are spread around the world.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree has been compiled from a number of sources, some contradictory. These include a handwritten tree obtained from the late Virginia Warburton, which is based in part on Burke’s Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland for 1852, detailing the descendants of George Warburton of Aughrim, of whom her husband, Thomas Egerton Warburton, was one. I obtained a tree prepared for James Arthur Warburton of Prince Edward Island, Canada, by Conrad Swan, York Herald of Armsdated 1st July 1976, together with a memoir written by James Arthur. I also used the Burke’s Colonial Gentry entry for Henry Hume Warburton of Vancouver, British Colombia,  a tree submitted to (the island being Prince Edward Island) by Gary Carroll, and The Royal Ark website by Christopher Buyers, specifically the entry for the Durrani dynasty at: Recent additions have included details from Controller of Devils by G,D.Martineau, the story of John Paul Warburton, and a biography of PGE (Eliot) Warburton MC, plus information provided by Gary Merrili.
  • Last Updated: 27th June 2019.
  • Size: 354 people, 229 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Report  Chart

Mongan Warburtons

  • Ancestor: Dominic O’Mungan  (1715- c1774).
  • DNA Profile: Mongon profile provided privately from the Australian Mongan familly (see Mongon in Interesting Non-Warburton DNA Results).
  • Note: In 1792 Charles Mongan, the future Bishop of Cloyne, changed his name to Warburton, the name of his maternal cousins.  His descendants form  a second clan of Irish Warburtons, though it is not yet known if Charles’s cousins are of the Garryhinch clan. Meanwhile Charles’s brother John is head of a family who retained the Mongan name, which is an anglicised version of their father’s name of O’Mungan. They have provided a DNA profile which may also be that of the Mongan Warburtons.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree is generated from information provided by Elaine Hopper of Australia, who belongs to an Australian Mongan family who believe they are descended from John Mongan.
  • Last Updated: 6th June 2013.
  • Size: 87 people, 53 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

New South Wales

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (no dates) father of Thomas.
  • Note: This tree documents the descendants of  Thomas Warburton (1817-1879) of Leigh in Lancashire, who emigrated to New South Wales in 1839 with his wife and young son.  His parents, John and Ellen nee Rawlinson, are known, and I have made a tentative identification of John’s father, but this is not certain.
  • Acknowledgements:  The tree was developed from  information provided by Harold Warburton and Annette Strath, with a recent addition from Alison Brison.
  • Last Updated: June 16th 2020 (minor).
  • Size: 156 people, 96 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart


  • Ancestor: Jacob (James) Warburton (born 1782)
  • DNA Profile: H1583.
  • Note: A Quaker family, who emigrated from Hyde, Cheshire to Massachusetts in 1852.
  • Acknowledgements: Jimmy Warburton of Rhode Island.
  • Last Updated: 26th June 2019.
  • Size: 27 people, 19 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

West Virginia

  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (circa 1809-1866)
  • DNA Profile: H1576.
  • Note: This clan originates with Thomas who emigrated to the USA before 1849. He is believed to come from Nottinghamshire, though no evidence for this has been found.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree was provided by Kim Johnson of West Virginia.
  • Last Updated: 7th October 2016 (minor change).
  • Size: 105 people, 57 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Report Chart

Multiple Family Trees

Previously families not extensive enough to be considered clans (under 50 people) were collected here.  They have their own trees and charts, but several are grouped into a Descendant report.

As they are updated they will be given their own new format report and removed from this section. However the group descendant reports will remain until all families are removed.

Other Families – Collection 1:


  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (alive 1791-1810)
  • Note: This family was discovered whist developing the Shocklach clans, but although it lives in the same area, no link has yet been found.
  • Last Updated: 4th July 2010.
  • Size: 40 people, 31 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Chart


  • Ancestor: Samuel Warburton (circa 1806-after 1881)
  • Note: This family was discovered whist developing the Shocklach clans, but although it lives in the same area, no link has yet been found.
  • Acknowledgements:  This tree is mainly based on the tree of Joyce Lawrence on Genes Reunited.
  • Last Updated: 1st February 2014
  • Size: 22 people, 14 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Chart

Shocklach family

  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (died 1730).
  • Note: This family is the remnant of the Shocklach clan after the bulk of the clan was moved into the Tilston clan.
  • Acknowledgements: The tree is based on information from Robert Warburton that had been collected by his father and himself over a number of years.
  • Last Updated: 6th February 2016
  • Size: 20 people, 14 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Chart


  • Ancestor: John Warburton (1822-1899)
  • Note: A Radcliffe family who have not yet been connected to the Radcliffe section of the Haslingden and Radcliffe clan.
  • Acknowledgements: I must confess I have lost my note of who provided the information on this family. If whoever it is cares to remind me I will add an acknowledgement.
  • Last Updated: 27th August 2011
  • Size: 34 people, 22 Warburtons.
  • Links:  Tree Chart

Other Families – Collection 2:

Cardiff and Bury

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (circa 1774-1844)
  • Note: This tree traces the ancestors of Welsh Rugby captain Sam Warburton back to around 1800 in Bury.
  • Acknowledgements: This tree was built from public sources.
  • Last Updated: 16th January 2012
  • Size: 50 people, 37 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree  Chart


  • Ancestor: Richard Warburton (circa 1835-1913)
  • Note: The descendants of Richard of Reddish. I documented this in the belief they were linked to the Poynton clan, but this proved not to be the case so it found a home here.
  • Last Updated: 28th May 2012
  • Size: 20 people, 14 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree  Chart

Early Turton

  • Ancestor: Thomas Warburton (died 1674)
  • Note: This early Turton family was pieced together from wills and IGI entries when the Turton clan was being developed.
  • Last Updated: 6th October 2010, but separated 2nd February 2014.
  • Size: 16 people, 12 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Chart

Other Families – Collection 3:


  • Ancestor: James Warburton (married Ann Smith 1792)
  • Note: The bulk of this family lived in and around Rotherham though it originates in Lancashire. John Warburton who married Mary Crowder was born in Tottington. His father was James, and IGI states his parents were James and Ann Smith.  A possible baptism for John is at Stand Unitarian Chapel but James’s origins are uncertain.
  • Acknowledgements: Robin Hunt.
  • Last Updated: June 9th 2017
  • Size: 41 people, 23 Warburtons.
  • Links: Tree Chart

A Family of Clog Makers

  • Ancestor: John Warburton (living 1776)
  • Note: This is a family from Bolton and Oldham that includes 3 generations of clog makers. The last spent time in Glasgow where he became the ancestor of Bill Buchanan who provided information on the family.
  • Acknowledgements: Bill and Pat Buchanan.
  • Last Updated: 27th September 2016
  • Size: 36 people, 23 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree  Chart

A Family from Houghton

  • Ancestor: William Warburton (1721-1789)
  • Note: This a family from Houghton that has yet to be connected to the Houghton clan or any other local family.
  • Acknowledgements: Barbara Pheonix.
  • Last Updated: 1st July  2017
  • Size: 37 people, 27 Warburtons.
  • Link: Tree  Chart

21 thoughts on “Clans”

  1. Good day Ray et al,
    I began my search a couple of years ago, but ‘life’ sort of got in the way and I’m now just getting back to it and would be curious if some of my links connect with others.
    My Warburton ancestors beginning with my grandfather are:
    Thomas Warburton 1891-1977 (died in Canada)
    William Buckley Orton Warburton 1849-1912 (died in Chester)
    Samuel Warburton 1812-1893 (died in Tarvin, Cheshire)
    Samuel Warburton 1780-1814 (died in Burton Cheshire)
    William Warburton (no dates) was married to Mary as far as I know but have no maiden name).
    My family history centers around Chester including place names as noted above as well as Boughton, Hoole, and Plemstall, Kelsall, Delamere and surroundings.
    It’s been several years since I have visited but am looking forward to 2014 with more history ‘under my belt’ and so if anyone connects to any of the above, I’d be delighted to be in touch.
    I started my website a couple of years ago, but never got beyond what you see; however, the interesting part of further searching discovered a great aunt & great uncle lost to current family members, and subsequently I have now met a half dozen NEW second cousins on-line which has certainly enhanced the fun in searching.
    Lastly, Samuel (above 1812-1893) was connected to Burton Hall and farmed a number of the pieces of land. I have also visited Burton Hall several times which has been undergoing a major renovation to a very ‘up market’ status.
    So, I’m now playing catch up and am looking forward to many more hours of searching for those both ‘Dead & Alive’ !! 🙂
    Nova Scotia Canada

  2. Interested in Warburtons for my grandson-in-law. Records show that Thomas Warburton was born 1852-54 in Somerset, England, and married in NSW Australia in 1888 to Isabella Mockett. There were 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter, born between 1890 and 1901 in country NSW. I will do some more researching – does anyone else have any more information about the English connections?

  3. Hello. I am looking for any more information on my Warburton family tree. It seems that I cannot find a death date for James Warburton and the only information I can find on William Warburton is as listed as Henry Warburton’s father on his marriage license. I would like to go as far back as possible. Here is what I have:
    (Me) Melissa Warburton (1982 Nova Scotia, Canada)
    (My father) Lawrence Edward Warburton (1959 Nova Scotia-2003 Nova Scotia)
    married Colleen Ann Petrie
    (My grandfather) Gordon Francis Warburton (1919 Nova Scotia-1999 Nova Scotia)
    married Regina McLeod
    (My great-gf) John James Warburton (1879 Nova Scotia-1960 Nova Scotia)
    married Veronica Petrie
    (My great-great-gf) James Warburton (1851 Liverpool-? Nova Scotiia)
    married Jane MacLeod
    (My g-g-great-gf) Henry Warburton (1824 Liverpool – 1899 Liverpool)
    married Jane Johnson
    (My g-g-g-great-gf) William Warburton (?-?)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  4. Hello

    I have been browsing through this site and can confirm that I am descended from the ‘Bolton/Turton Clan’ of Warburtons
    You list on the site Luke and Catherine – with two children Roy and Geoffrey.
    Roy married and had two children – myself (Catherine) born in 1953 and my brother Gary, born 1951

    Sadly Roy died in 1955

    hope this is of interest to you in your work


    1. Thank you. That is very interesting. I don’t normally put living people on the trees unless they specifically ask.

      Also one of the DNA results from my Lancashire group of matching DNA results is from the Sharples/Bolton/Halliwell area but I haven’t built that clan yet and I haven’t attached it to one of the existing Turton clans.


  5. Hi Ray,

    I have some additions to make to the Garryhinch report chart. Please contact me when you can!

    Kind regards,

    Tom Warburton Jr

  6. My gt grandmother was Margaret Warburton born 1813 in Tarvin, Cheshire, She married Ellis Davies, tea dealer of Liverpool, Lancs., On their wedding cert., she states her father was William Warburton, farmer. Would be so appreciative of any information of William Warburton’s ancestors as we have come up against a brick wall in this area. So many Warburtons! Thank you Yvonne, California, USA

    1. Many Williams indeed. I haven’t come across your Margaret so don’t know William or his ancestors. What do you know of William? Did he live until after the first censuses? If he is in the 1851 census that would give a fix on his date and place of birth, and most of the Cheshire parish registers are now online at FindMyPast.

  7. Feel like a Heinz 57. Am told that my DNA hails from Ireland and royalty. I can find no support online or in the archives. If anyone has information from the “fighting Irish” of Donegal, Please e-mail me or let me know. I am dying and would like a chance to meet my extended family before I pass.

    Marc “Gunny” Warburton
    USMC Ret.

  8. Hi Ray. Further to chart 6 of the Warburton Clan.
    Maude Warburton married Thomas Postles and lived most of their lives at 13 High Street Weaverham.They had 4 children.
    Eric Warburton 1904 – , married Elizabeth Saunders 1934,
    Lucy 1907 – , married John Hayes 1929, married John Green 1942
    Katie Beryl 1910 – 2007, married Walter Maddock 1936
    Louie Constance 1915 – 1984, married Charles Baker
    Children from the above marriages may still be living so I have not listed them
    My line is from Katie & Walter Maddock.
    Hope this is of further interest to you and any other who are from the same clan
    Regards Jim

  9. Hi Ray, and all,
    I have found that the Warburton who was involved with my Barber/Barbour family, that was in Bertie County, North Carolina, USA, also had dealings with the Bentleys of Bertie who intermarried with my Barber/Barbours. I will see what I can find out and send it to you, as soon as I can.

  10. Hello Ray, Haslingden & Radcliffe Clan.
    I cannot find any further information on my grandfather George William Henry Warburton born 14th March 1859 in Rawtenstall UK. Arrived in Australia on the “Otago” 24th April 1886. Married Mary Jane Halliwell in 1866 in Brisbane, she came from Wigan UK, they had 9 children. My grandfather died 13th August 1940, my grandmother died 3rd August 1946. Their final residency was at Mackay Qld. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dorothea,

      You have brought to light a new branch of the clan. Looking up George’s birth registration on the General Register Office site ( his mother’s maiden name is given as Spencer. Henry Warburton married Margaret Spencer in 1858 (LancashireBMD site). Ancestry shows the family in 1871 and 1881, but in 1861 the young George is living wit his grandmother Ann, and Uncle Dawson. This shows his grandparents are Henry and Ann nee Dawson who do appear in my Haslingden and Radcliffe clan. I would love it if you could fill out the details of this branch for me.

  11. Hi was trying to find Dave of marple Cheshire met him in 1965 at butlins Skegness maybe a relative he would be around the seventies after reading the warbutons history there’s a lot of you

    1. Yes there are a lot of us. Roughly 10,000 in UK plus contingents in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As Dave is still living he won’t be in any clans but someone may know him. If you know his exact age we might find his birth in the GRO index and be able to work from there. Also he may be in online phone directories.

  12. Well done for all the work, Ray!
    I wonder have you come across the Warburtons of Brown’s Yard, off Bootle Street, just east of Deansgate in Manchester, in the 1840s and 50s? Isaac was the head of the family and an overlooker, spinner, fustian cutter, and carter at various dates, married to Mary (née Partington). I’m 5xGreat grandson, through his daughter Elizabeth (born 1824).
    Seems Isaac was from over round Eccles or Pendleton, and married Mary Partington on 28th February 1818 in Eccles. He died near Market Street in Manchester in 1866. I haven’t found a baptism, but it would be around 1794-7 that he was born.
    Would love to find out more about this family.
    Cheers, Ben

  13. Hi, I am tracing back my family history from my paternal grandparents.
    Clarence Warburton born 1922, Passed 2007.

    Married Doreen Broad 1950 (born 1926, Still alive.

    Any assistance on this would be fantactic. I believe my Grandad was born congleton and his mothers maiden name was chamberlain.

    1. Hi Lee,

      By using the FreeBMD site I can see from Clarence’s birth registration that his mother’s maiden name was indeed Chamberlain. He also ad a brother, John. A further search shows that Ethel Chamberlain married Thomas Warburton in the second quarter of 1918. The CheshireBMD site states this was at Register Office or Registrar Attended. This could mean the marriage was at a non-conformist, or Catholic Church, or indeed a Register Office.

      However a search on FreeBMD for Thomas’s registered at Congleton 1880-1902 shows only one, a Thomas Frederick born 1883, so he would be 35 when he married, and CheshireBMD places him in Sandbach. Is it possible your Thomas was born elsewhere and moved to Congleton before he married? I also looked for Thomas and Ethel in the 1939 Register without luck.

      I would suggest you order Thomas and Ethels marriage certificate from the website. The info you need id the District = Congleton, the date = 2nd quarter 1918 Vol = 8a, Page = 533. They cost £9.50.

      This should give you Thomas’s age so as to pin down his birth registration.

  14. I’m wondering if you could help me identify the Warburton clan my family descends from? My great-grandfather was John Warburton, born 1834 in Middle Hulton and baptised at Deane St Mary. His parents were William Warburton (bn.1806 in Leigh) and Ann Partington. William was the son of Thomas Warburton and Ann Oldham.

    1. Hi Martyn,

      Your Warburton ancestors are not amongst those I have included in clans so far. However Thomas and Ann Oldham do appear on my list of Families from Leigh parish. They married on July 8th 1804 and had 6 children, of whom 3 died. Ann also died in 1812. I haven’t yet identified Thomas’s death/burial which would help in finding his birth/baptism. I did find a possible baptism (on the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk site) at Lowton in 1780 which is good for age and location. Lowton is near Leigh. But it would need evidence of Thomas’s age at some point to confirm it.

      Unfortunately tracing back through records can get difficult prior to 1800 because of the paucity of records, especially if people don’t stay in the same location, so an alternative is y-chromosome DNA. However for this you need a willing male Warburton cousin.


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