Parish Studies

The purpose of this page is to provide an index and links to the results of parish studies, whether created by me or submitted by others for inclusion here.

I have conducted a number of parish studies where I have listed all Warburton parish register entries for a parish and then attempted to group the entries into families on a ‘best fit’ basis, augmented by other information where available, such as Monumental Inscriptions and wills. Each parish has four basic PDF files (Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, and Families) plus others such as Monumental Inscriptions or Cemetery listings as appropriate.

I have identified families by grouping baptisms where parent’s names and place of birth are similar. I then matched these to male Warburton marriages where possible. I  sought marriages outside the parish where there is no matching marriage within the parish. I integrated deaths into the families where possible. I also tried to link the families together. Where age at death is available this often helps in linking families. I have also checked later families in the censuses.

Because families are determined on a best fit basis it is possible that the most obvious assumption does not apply in every case.

Original studies were from microfilms of the parish records but I now use on-line sources such as FamilySearch and the Lancashire On-line Parish Clerk, as these are becoming much more comprehensive. Also Ancestry and FindMyPast are getting increasing numbers of parish records, including images in some cases.

Bowdon Families

The ancient parish of Bowdon lies in what was North East Cheshire (now Trafford, a borough in Greater Manchester), between the rivers Mersey to the north, and Bollin to the south. Manchester lies 8 miles to the North East. The parish includes the townships of Bowdon, Altrincham, Hale, Dunham, and Timperley. It was primarily an agricultural area, and later a dormitory area for Manchester. Altrincham is a market town with a charter dating from 1290.

All Warburton baptisms, weddings and burials at St. Mary, Bowdon are listed. Burials at Altrincham Cemetery have also been added. The list was prepared in part by me from the parish registers and bishops transcripts (on microfilm). However I then discovered that the parish archivist, Derrick Murdie was close to completing a similar exercise for the parish and obtained his Warburton data. It includes baptisms at Ringway Chapel (from 1727), and St George’s Altrincham (from 1799), each a chapel-at-ease for Bowdon. Also included are baptisms at Hale Presbyterian Chapel, though I have also included a separate, commented listing for Hale Chapel for nostalgic reasons as it was my first ever study of (a film of) a real parish register.

Records at Bowdon are incomplete because of a tradition for nonconformist baptisms at home, at Ringway Chapel prior to 1723 when it served as an unofficial  nonconformist chapel, or at Hale Chapel before 1752 when its records began.

The entries have been grouped into families and those known to belong to my own Hale Barns clan, the Pool Bank clan, and the Warburton Village clan, are colour coded.

Baptism      Marriages    Burials   Families    Altrincham Cemetery  Hale Chapel

Great Budworth

Great Budworth is a parish in north Cheshire. It lies to the north of Northwich, and includes Arley Hall, the home of the Warburton family who were lords of the manor at Warburton village. Arley Hall was first occupied by Piers Warburton in 1469. The last Warburton, Sir Peter, the 5th baronet, died in 1813 and the Hall passed to his sister’s grandson.

As part of my research into the Warburtons of Arley Hall I trawled through a microfilm of the Great Budworth parish registers and listed Warburton entries between 1558 and 1734. The file includes picture notes showing some of the text that caused me trouble interpreting it so you can make your own assessment.

Great Budworth with Picture Notes

Haslingden Families

Haslingden lies in the county of Lancashire close to the Rossendale valley. It is about 16 miles north of Manchester, and eight miles north of Bury. It was a centre of the cotton industry.

Warburton baptisms, weddings, burials, and Monumental Inscriptions are listed for Haslingden,  St James. There is also a list of Monumental Inscriptions for Holden cemetery , and a list of all the families in the 1851 census where the head of the household was born in Haslingden. Finally the Haslingden, St James entries are grouped into families, and these are linked where possible, and colour coded where already included in documented clans.

The lists for St James include records up to 1851 (1861 for baptisms). Images of records are available up to 1913 on Ancestry, and there are a number of Wesleyan Chapels for which records are believed to exist, so there is scope to extend this parish in the future.

Baptisms   Marriages   Burials   Families   MIs    1851 Census   Holden Cemetery

Leigh Families

Leigh is in Lancashire, about 8 miles west of Manchester, and includes the townships of Tyldesley and Atherton.

Warburton baptisms, weddings, burials and Monumental Inscriptions from the Parish of Leigh are listed and grouped into families, including St Mary the Virgin, Leigh, Atherton, St George, Tyldesley, St Anne, Hindsford, and Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion, Tyldesley are included. Monumental Inscriptions are included with the burials.

Baptisms   Marriages   Burials   Families

Mobberley Families

Mobberley is a parish in north Cheshire. It lies south of Bowdon and  between Knutsford to the west, and Wilmslow to the east. It is a largely rural area.

Warburton baptisms, weddings, and burials at St. Wilfred, Mobberley are listed and grouped into families. Grave information has been added to the burials. Most of the families belong to the Mobberley clan which is an off-shoot of my own Hale Barns clan, and these are colour coded.

Baptisms   Marriages   Burials   Families

Wilmslow Families

Wilmslow is in north Cheshire, lying south east of Bowdon, and east of Mobberley.

Warburton baptisms, weddings, and burials at St. Bartholomew, Wilmslow are listed and grouped into families. Some grave information is included in the burials.

Baptisms   Marriages   Burial   Families

Winwick Families

Winwick is a parish in Lancashire lying immediately to the north of Warrington, and south of Leigh. It includes the townships of Houghton, Middleton, and Arbury.

Warburton baptisms, weddings, and burials  at St Oswald, Winwick are listed and grouped into families. Grave information is included in the burials.

Baptisms   Marriages   Burials   Families

Warburtons in the Great Budworth Parish Register 1558-1734

As part of my research into the Warburtons of Arley Hall I trawled through a microfilm of the Great Budworth parish registers up to 1734. The Warburtons I found are listed here. The file includes picture notes showing some of the text that caused my trouble so you can make your own assessment.

Altrincham Monumental Inscriptions

The Family History Society of Cheshire have produced a CD of Monumental Inscriptions covering a number of churches in the Altrincham district.  Altrincham was a town in the ancient parish of Bowdon but became a parish in its own right in 1866. The CD includes churches from surrounding parishes including Lymm, Warburton, Northenden, Rostherne, and Knutsford, but not Bowdon.

I have extracted the Warburton burials and presented them alphabetically, and by church and grave.


By Church and Grave

Crewe – Recent Deaths

This is a list of all Warburton deaths registered in and around Crewe since 1945 (ip to around 2005). Where there are obituaries this is also indicated, together with an indication of spouses where known. I have also listed marriages and associated baptisms but have not put these here as they contain living people. I can check on specifics if anyone has queries.


Miscellaneous Parish Register Information

Warburton parish register entries have been provided to me from various sources.  Alan Jenks provided information from various South Cheshire parishes including baptisms at Coppenhall St Michael (Crewe) between1817 and 1865, and at Over St Chad (Winsford) between 1813 and 1911. These are grouped into families with marriage information added where found. There are also burial plot records from Coppenhall (1813-1911), and an index to the burial registers at Shocklach (1813-99), and some miscellaneous marriages. Cathy Warburton provided some early entries from Warrington St Elphin. Beryl Monaghan provided entries from Turton and Walmsley, near Bolton. A selection of parish register entries from Warburton, St Werberg, Warburton was sent to me by Martin Warburton.

Baptisms and Burials   Marriages   St Werberg Parish Records

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  1. Hello Ray,

    I’ve been looking at the website – it is an amazing archive thank you.

    Just to let you know about an entry for which you may wish to make a comment.

    Winwick, St Oswald Families – page 7 entry 77 – Joseph Enoch – baptism of Mary Ellen.

    Joseph Enoch was actually surnamed Hill and he married Mary Warburton in Sandbach on 30 April 1874. Mary was ‘of age’ and gave her father’s name as James Warburton a joiner. The census records show that Mary was born in Winwick, until we get to the 1911 census when she says she was born in Bradford, Yorkshire. I am waiting with bated breath until the 1921 census.

    You very helpfully found Mary in the 1871 census in Hampshire – thank you. Sadly I’m no nearer to finding her actual birth record. So frustrating.

    Mary Ellen was born in Winwick in 30 January 1877 and I can only assume that the vicar made a mistake at the babtism in naming the JE as a Warburton, because Mary’s family was from Winwick. Presumably Mary went home to her parents to give birth to Mary Ellen and the rest follows.

    I’m so pleased to know that when I do find Mary, the Warburton web-site will be there for me to search through and see if I can find her family. She’s the only one of my great-grandmother’s that I can’t properly locate.

    Many thanks,

    Gill Moroney

    1. I’ve now updated the Winwick baptisms and Families with this information. I did try to find Mary’s birth, baptism or census entry living with her parents (1851 or 1861). I don’t know if anyone else might have any luck. I presume 1911 might be more accurate as it was completed by the head of the household, not an enumerator. She might have lied about her age and be a bit older than the census says.

  2. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of
    the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

    my blog post; search engine

    1. Thanks. Can you please tell me which pictures have this problem. I don’t have pictures in Parishes, but have many in Galleries. Far too many to check them all.

  3. For your information re your Shocklach connections, Thomas Warbuton (d 1730) married Christian Brown at Farndon on 03 March 1700.
    Martha Warburton (1714-1782) married Thomas Clark (1715-1784) at Coddington, Cheshire

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