I produced my first Newsletter in November 2009. Under the name of  The Button Files it has appeared roughly every six months. It consists of about 3 articles, and some standard sections on project progress and Warburton communities. I try to produce one article on DNA, one on genealogy and one on a famous Warburton in each issue.

Firstly a comment on the name The Button Files. One of the nicest Warburton abbreviations I’ve come across was in the Times obituary of John Paul Warburton who was a famous policeman in the Punjab. As the local people found his name difficult to pronounce he was called ‘Button Sahib’. So I have borrowed Button for my title.

The issues so far, and the main articles they contained are listed below. There is also a contents document which mirrors this page.

Newsletter Contents

Issue 23 – October 2022

Articles include:

  • Three Letters David Hartland has sent me copies of of three letters. The first from James Warburton to his father expressed hurt that his father had refused to loan him £5. The other two are his father’s detailed response detailing all the expenses he has incurred supporting his various children
  • More Warburton Places The Warburton Arms Hotel in Aughrim, and Warburton Avenue in Yonkers are discussed.
  • William Warburton – Airman Michael Warburton contacted me recently to point out that the possible death details for William Warburton, son of Benjamin and Amelia nee Shipley, that I had ,included in the Ashley and Morley clan, are incorrect. William, who was Michael’s uncle, died in a bombing raid over Germany in 1944. The article includes Michael’s research into the crew and the raid.
  • Thomas Warburton Madhouse Keeper  Elaine Hopper introduced me to Thomas Warburton, an infamous madhouse keeper, via a chapter in Hackney History Volume 8. Elaine had also uncovered Thomas’s will, a rather tortuous document which reveals the riches he accumulated from his nefarious businesses, and how he bestowed them on his 3 surviving children.
  • Unidentified Wedding Photo Tania Van Reil pointed out a  photo that appeared on a Facebook page called Unidentified Photos Australia. The photo was Posted on Face book by Jill Cole who would love to return the photo to the family.
  • DNA Update An update on 5 new BigY-700 test results, though further work is necessary.
  • Warburton BigY Results and the FTDNA Discover Tool FamilyTreeDNA recently announced their Discover Tool. I have used it to produce a document that dates all SNPs relevant the the various Warburton BigY results. It also shows the number and origins of testers who are positive for the SNPs.
  • Clan Updates One new Family has been added, and one Clan updated since the last newsletter.

Issue 22 – April 2022

Articles include:

  • Another New Zealand Branch Thomas Kemmis Warburton (circa 1818-1917) was the youngest son of Richard Warburton of Garryhinch (1778-1853) and his wife Anne Kemmis. Thomas emigrated to New Zealand in 1841, and this article describes his family.
  • The Marriage Settlement Of Lt. Robert Warburton and Shah Jahan Begum I was sent a transcript of this Marriage Settlement and placed in Warburton Artefacts. However a copy can also be found in Controller of Devils.
  • Who are Alice Renshaw, Mary Ley, and Sarah Shaw? This is a discussion of some of the strange things that are found in Ancestry Public Trees, particularly in relation to my own ancestors and links to the Warburtons of Arley Hall.
  • Old Histories This is a discussion of 2 old documents that describe Warburton histories that are at odds with other sources, and how I have handles the information.
  • John Warburton’s Clock and Stick This article presents photos and the story the clock and stick, which have have been added to Warburton Artefacts.
  • Postcard of Warburton A postcard of the River Yarra at Warburton, Victoria was offered to any collector of Warburton postcards.
  • It Ain’t Necessarily So This is an example of how family stories can get garbled, so relationships are not quite as imagined.
  • Capt. Warburton My wife spotted a trunk on TV bearing the name Capt. K Warburton. Who did it belong to?.
  • Warburtons vs WG Grace This is about a cricket score card that bears the names of 2 Warburtons, and WG Grace.
  • A Letter from Norman Warburton This is an image of a letter from Norman Warburton, author of Warburton: The Village and the Family.
  • Clan Updates A roundup of clan updates and new clans added since the last Newsletter..
  • New DNA Results This is an update on 4 new DNA results, including 2 BigY-700 results.

Issue 21 – September 2021

Articles include:

  • A Cuddle of Cousins This article is about cousins from an Australian branch of the Garryhinch clan.
  • Thomas of Hale I had a query about Thomas who was transported to Australia in 1828.
  • Arley Rent Roll 1572 Announcing a Page in Galleries that has images of a hand written transcription by Charles Foster.
  • Irish Investigations  An introduction to a blog by Chris Pigott, whose Irish ancestors intermarried with the Garryhinch Warburtons resulted in a number of Posts concerning Irish records and their impact on the Garryhinch and Mongon clans.
  • .John Starkey Warburton – Organist There is a memorial inscription to John on a stained glass window in Florence, Oregon. Who was he, and where did the window come from? 
  • Places Called Warburton This is a review of towns and other places in the world called Warburton.
  • Charles Warburton Carr The town of Warburton in Victoria, Australia was named after Charles. Who was he?
  • Squire Albert Warburton This is the story of Albert, the captain of Blackburn Olympic, the first working class team to win the FA Cup in 1883.
  • Another Warburton Footballer An F Warburton played for Hallam FC in reputedly the first football derby, in 1861. Who was he?
  • Ringway Chapel An update on the later history of Ringway Chapel from Phil Radcliffe.
  • Quaker Family Pictures Pictures sent to me over the years by Jimmy Warburton of the Quaker Family.
  • Major Herbert Bradley Warburton An obituary that appeared in the Daily Telegraph on June 14th 1999 led to an investigation into the Major.
  • Alfred Warburton A request for information on Alfred Warburton, born in 1874 in Dunham, and drowned circa 1924 in Alaska.
  • Two Garryhinch Stories These stories cover a painting from Winchester and a connection to Dame Nellie Melba.
  • Various Updates and Additions Updates and additions to the website since the last newsletter.
  • Big Y Review of 2020 A report from FTDNA on the status of Big Y testing.

Issue 20 – November 2020

Articles include:

  • Peter Warburton, Married 1806? This is a plea for help.
  • Capital and Innovation Some 17th century tenant farmers seem to have had considerable wealth. This article looks at a likely explanation.
  • Rear Admiral Audley Lyne Warburton  Audley served in the US Navy in WW2 and Korea, being present at Pearl Harbour in 1941. This is his story.
  • Split and Amalgamation The story of how one clan had to be split from a larger one, and how two other clans were amalgamated. 
  • Gallery Developments This article describes a reorganisation of my Picture Gallery, and introduces some new photos.
  • Sidney Warburton Sidney was one part of a three part query I received. He led a colourful life despite  (or because of) the fact he was illegitimate, and he was abandoned to live with his grandparents when he was 6 years old.
  • Geoffrey de Dutton An episode of The Bone Detectives identified a skeleton interred at Norton Priory as that of Geoffrey Dutton, ancestor of the Warburtons, and led me to further research..
  • The Butter Boggart of Old Lostock This is an intriguing story of a poltergeist who haunted a Warburton family in Old Lostock.
  • Jinny, Jenny, Jane Robert Warburton married Jinny Warburton in 1823 in Haslingden. This article describes the identification of Robert and Jinny, looks at other Jinnys, Jennys and Janes in the Haslingden area.
  • Partington Clan I have now completed and published the Partington Clan, which includes the old Pennsylvania Clan, and represents a branch of the descendants of William Warburton who was granted land in Partington in 1320. It is therefore part of The Cheshire Group.
  • George Warburton A query received through my Contacts Page led to the chance discovery of George, the son of Aaron of Dunham. Aaron’s will indicated George had moved away, but now he, and a number of descendants, have been found.
  • Fort Warburton and Warburton Manor I was alerted to the existence of Fort Warburton, and Warburton Manor, which used to sit on the Maryland bank of. The Potomac River. But why were they called Warburton?
  • Martha Warburton’s Sampler I have added a new Photo to the Other Artefacts gallery. It is described here.
  • Ashley and Notts DNA Notes A discussion of the results from DNA tests from the Ashley and Morley, Nottinghamshire, and Western Australia clans.

Issue 19 – July 2020

Articles include:

  • Warburton Lee This article investigates the origin of Warburton Lee as a surname. Although it was only adopted in the 20th century the origins date back to a marriage in 1690.
  • The Warburtons of Hefferston Grange The 1690 marriage that ultimately produced the Warburton Lee surname, involved Mary Warburton of Hefferston Grange. This led me too explore and document this branch of the Arley clan.
  • New Photos  Some photos sent to me by Adrian Warburton of the Nottinghamshire clan.  
  • Frederick Leigh Warburton Frederick fought and was killed in the First World War. This story describes the circumstances in which his mother was informed.
  • Ancestry Public Trees Some comments and examples from my use of Ancestry Public Trees in my research. John William Warburton John survived the First World War but information on him is sought.
  • Obituaries Three obituaries that revealed distant relations to me.
  • Barney Dylan Warburton The story of a bomb disposal expert killed in Bosnia, and my research into his ancestors in Warrington.
  • John Owen ‘or Warburton’ The father of the originator of a new clan from Urmston  was described as John Owen or Warburton. This introduces a discussion of the ways in which the Warburton name can be adopted.
  • A Bible and the Warburton Repository The continuance of the Warburton Website is guaranteed by the Guild of One-Name Studies’ Legacy site programme, so it can serve as a Repository for information on Warburton Artefacts such as the bible described in this article.
  • Walmersley and Bolton (Bakers) Clan I have included the Bolton (Bakers) clan in a new clan which treats 8 children of Thomas and Sarah born between 1800 and 1809, 4 in Walmersley and 4 in Edenfield, as a single family. Thomas is also identified as the son of Peter and Elizabeth nee Heap from the Edenfield Families listing on the Parishes page.
  • Alexander Bannerman Warburton The biography of Alexander Bannerman Warburton of the Garryhinch clan, one-time Premier of Prince Edward Island, is on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography website. This article is a precise of his life.
  • Website Overhaul Using lessons learned whist working on a project for the Guild of One-Name Studies I have implemented a number of changes to the Warburton Website, which are described here.
  • Clan Updates  A roundup of recent additions and updates to the clan trees on the website. 
  • DNA Roundup A summary of recent developments in the Warburton DNA Project.

Issue 18 – December 2019

Articles include:

  • Letters from Captain Eliot Warburton MC  This article introduces a document that contains images and transcripts of letters sent by Captain Eliot Warburton MC to Marian Martin, an American college girl, about her trip to England in 1957, financed by his gift to Nazareth College, Kentucky, his deceased wife’s alma mater.
  • A Sighting of Mad Warby on an old Youtube clip.
  • An Example of Schadenfreude? This highlights a couple of newspaper articles about a disputed will and a curious ending.
  • The Search for Nurse Mary Warburton Mary enjoyed long walks in the wilds of British Colombia. Unfortunately she had a habit of getting lost. The first occasion produced a remarkable story of search and rescue, but the second occasion had a more unfortunate ending.
  • Fred Warburton – General Strike Organiser Andy Halton sent me the story of his great great uncle.
  • A Kind Uncle A story from Utah of a kindness to a little girl with scarlet fever.
  • Genetic History of the British and the Irish A summary of an article I found with references to Warburton DNA results.
  • Clan Updates A roundup of recent additions and updates to the clan trees on the website..
  • DNA Roundup A summary of recent developments in the Warburton DNA Project.
  • The Story of Samuel Warburton This story of Samuel was the subject of a number of posts. Transported to Western Australia he had a large family, but his origins were obscure. Then DNA test threw up a couple of surprises.

Issue 17 – March 2019

Articles include:

  • Alan Warburton  Artist In September 2017 I received a letter from Alan Warburton, an artist who lives in the Rhondda, with pictures of murals he has produced around South Wales over the years, Some are shown here. They were held over from Newsletter 16 for reasons of space.
  • SM Edward Warburton’s Loser’s Trophy and Boxing Gloves. Bruce Warburton sent me photos of Sergeant Major Edward Warburton’s Loser’s Trophy and Boxing Gloves, and the story behind them.
  • Tottington Photos  Some photos of Tottington Warburtons sent by Janet Holden, and newly connected to the Tottington clan. 
  • Canadian Warburtons on Holiday in the UK These are photos from a guest book somewhere in the UK showing entries from a Canadian family yet to be identified, Sent by Bruce Warburton.
  • A Tilston Clan Photograph  A photo of Richard Warburton (1831-1913) of the Tilston clan, with his daughters Celia and Margaret, was provided by Lorna Bowdon. 
  • A Family Photo A photo sent by Susan North of her grandmother who is in the Cardiff and Bury Family.
  • Does Anyone Know this Gentleman?  The Gentleman is mentioned in a cutting from the The Connecticut Courant dated Monday, April 27, 1801 sent by Martin Warburton.
  • New Family Trees, and Updates The announcement of the Bury and WA (Western Australia), aka Loris clan, and some minor updates. 
  • Does anyone Know this Samuel? Pam Lofthouse from Australia sent me a photo of her great grandfather Samuel who was transported to Western Australia in 1863, with a request for information on him.
  • Lady Renie Adams nee Warburton Renie was one of the first WAAF Radar Instructors at the training school at Forres School in Swanage in 1941. She married John Adams who later became the Chief Scientist for Civil Work in the Ministry of Technology and subsequently was Director of CERN in Geneva.
  • The Origin of the Bloody Mary Cocktail An article on the origin of the Bloody Mary had a number of possibilities, including one with a Warburton theme.
  • Cheshire Group Developments  I produced a new Cheshire Group Haplotree, established a Partington Panel at YSEQ, and mused on the Cheshire Group story behind the haplotree.
  • New Family Tree DNA Announcements There have been some significant announcements in the past year which give new possibilities for DNA testing.
  • DNA Project: Major Update  I have updated the DNA Project page and much of the associated documentation to reflect the new announcements.
  • DNA Miscellany This collects relevant bits and pieces from various posts over the past year.

Issue 16 – December 2018

Articles include:

  • Bruce Warburton Midget Car Racer Daphne Warburton alerted me to this is the story of her late husband Bruce Warburton’s career in midget car racing which had a brief heyday in the 1930’s.
  • Leslie Warburton, Cricketer Profile Colin Warburton sent me this profile of his father Leslie’s cricket career. I have since attached them to the Edenfield clan. 
  • Thomas and Sarah Families A number of lines emanate from children of a Thomas and Sarah, so I produced a paper on the various Thomas and Sarah families in Bury/Bolton at the beginning of the 19th century. It was then updated several times as a results of new information.
  • New Year Plans 2018 In the last newsletter I included plans for 2018. I revisit these to see what I actually achieved.
  • Clan Updates At the beginning of 2018 I started using a new program that produces Descendant Reports in a new format. All new or updated clans will adopt the new format so this article summarises which have been done.
  • The Sublime and the Ridiculous  Two Warburton related links were pointed out to me, and are described here. 
  • Updates to the Bolton (Bakers) Clan  Emails from Harold Schofield and Liz Hensor led to two updates to the clan, and a sad story.
  • Warburton Potters  I have had inputs on the Warburton Potters of Burslem from Audrey Fussell, and Peter Keats, and obtained a book on the New Gate pottery by David Hall. This article summarises what I’ve learned.
  • RSM Alfred Ernest Warburton and his Medals This is the story behind a photo sent to me by Violet Symes.
  • Haslingden Parish Records These updates result from my work on the Edenfield clan, and inputs from Stephen Carr
  • Early Bury Parish Records My research into the Peters of Edenfield led me to document the Bury St Mary parish records up to 1700.
  • Tottington Clan Musings Emails from Richard Tipping and Pam Lofthouse resulted in small clan updates, and musings on the possible connection of a William who features in Always Turn the Page to the clan.
  • Edenfield and Related Updates My main focus this year has been on the Edenfield clan. This has included a paper The Edenfield Clan and Related Peters, new listings of parish registers, and a doubling in size of the Edenfield clan. 
  • John Warburton, Vicar of Oakham I saw John’s name on a list of vicars at Oakham Church. I decided to investigate him further, and this is the result.
  • Christina Ratcliffe  A narrative from Martin Ratcliffe about his aunt Christina Ratcliffe, who had a relationship with Wing Commander Adrian Warburton, aka Mad Warby of Malta, during his time on the island.

Issue 15 – October 2017

Articles include:

  • A New SNP Panel for the Lancashire Clan This is designed to uncover more detail on how the clans in the Lancashire Group fit together, but the first tests had limited success.
  • SNP Age Estimates I have updated the SNP Age estimates for the Lancashire and Cheshire groups for the first time in a year.
  • Where next for DNA? A Roadmap in Light of Developments This article includes some musings on recent DNA developments and how the Warburton DNA Project might proceed in future.
  • Warburton Village Clan Update A new DNA result shows that two cousins had non-matching Y-chromosomes. A non paternal event must have occurred between their grandfather, and one of them.
  • Warrington Horse Show Thomas Warburton was a supporter of the Warrington Horse Show for many years. He is shown with Lord Daresbury, President of the show, in the 1920s.
  • Obituaries and Frustrations This article includes 3 posts concerning obituaries from the Crewe Chronicle sent me by Alan Jenks which resulted in mysteries, updates to the Sandbach and Coppenhall clans, and a call for a DNA volunteer.
  • Haslingden Update and Two New Families The Haslingden clan has been updated, and the Rotherham and Pheonix families added. This article discusses the changes.
  • Doreen Warburton This is the obituary of actress Doreen Warburton from the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Updated Combined Index I have updated the Combined Index to make it a bit easier to search.
  • Warburton Days A report on the Warburton Days in London and Altrincham.
  • The Warburton Forum Announcing the launch of the new Warburton Forum, a virtual meeting place where anyone can raise and discuss Warburton related topics.
  • The Cross in the Heather This is the story of Sergeant Leonard Arthur Warburton of the RAF who was shot down over Belgium and evaded capture, being hidden and returned to England via France and Spain by the real life Secret Army. The cross in the heather marked the grave of his fellow crewe members who did not survive the crash.
  • Warburton Artefacts I used a photograph of two Warburton tokens to establish a Forum topic and a Gallery page for the collection and dissemination of pictures and stories of Warburton Artefacts.

Issue 14 – February 2017

Articles include:

  • Warburton Day 2017 This is a copy of an article written for a couple of Family History Society magazines that describes the event at Altrincham Conservative Club last October, and announces two events in 2017, one in Altrincham and one in London
  • Highway Robbery in Bowdon This is a story from an old Victorian book that describes a robbery that was suffered by John Warburton, salt carrier, around 1820.
  • Two Myths Slain by DNA I watched a YouTube video on Viking DNA which had a couple of interesting implications for Warburtons.
  • A Warburton Bible Looking for Home A bible containing several family records is being offered to any close relatives.
  • Tottington Manor Halmote Records There are a number of Warburton references in the 16th century records of Tottington Manor which relate to the earliest ancestors of the Edenfield clan. This article announces a new paper (see the Papers page of the website) which explains these references.
  • The Dutton Tree by P. H. Lawson This concerns my transcription of this tree, which starts several generations before Odard, and comes down to the 20th century.
  • Two New Prospective Houghton Clans I have developed two small new clans in the Houghton area from materials given to me on the Warburton Day.
  • Haslingden Clan Extension Another development of material from the Warburton Day.
  • Sergeant William Warburton I was sent a photograph of William and it seemed appropriate to show it alongside his story.
  • Amelia Warburton (nee Stokes) This is the story of an early Australian immigrant, her two husbands, and (possibly) 19 children.
  • Papal Marriage Dispensation I was alerted to a marvellous document that resides in Manchester University Library concerning the marriage of Wise Piers Warburton, the builder of Arley Hall.
  • Notes on the Warburton Village Clan Again as a result of inputs from the Warburton Day I have been updating the Warburton Village clan. This article covers a number of issues which arose from those updates.
  • Who is Alice Renshaw? Several trees on Ancestry make Alice my 9x great grandmother but I can find no evidence to support this. This article looks at the facts.

Issue 13 – October 2016

Articles include:

  • Warburton Family History Day This was held at the Altrincham Conservative Club on Saturday October 18th.
  • Harry Warburton (or Brooks) Harry Warburton fought and died in WWI. However his name isn’t on the Memorial in his local church. This article explains why.
  • Why the Shocklach Clan has become the Tilston Clan Information from Paul Straney in Australia led me to reevaluate the early part of the Shocklach clan with the result that a major part of it became a new Tilston clan. Furthermore a DNA test produced a match with another previously unmatched clan..
  • A Family of Clog Makers This story centres on a relationship in Glasgow which produced a daughter, and probably a son but there is no indication of a marriage. What can be deduced from the evidence?
  • Bury and Massachusetts Clan This is the clan of Eric Warburton, one of the BigY testers from the Lancashire Group. Eric sent me his family tree a while ago but it has taken me some time to extract the Warburton line, and bring it into line with the style of other clans
  • S6881 and The Lancashire Clan This article brings up to date DNA developments relating to the Lancashire Group which has been found to fall into two separate legs a haplotree of the SNPs that lie below SNP S6881.
  • The Curious Case of Grave 811 Whilst developing the Ashley and Morley clan I discovered what looks like an instance of grave reuse. Is this really the case?
  • Haslingden and Radcliffe Clan Update The story of a whole new line to the Radcliffe part of this clan that was prompted when I received an obituary from a newspaper.
  • Other Updates A collection of other updates I’ve done over the last few months.
  • Clan Tree Style Guide I have developed a Style Guide to help anyone who would like to prepare a clan tree for inclusion on the Warburton Website.

Issue 12 – January 2016

This is the final collection of previous website posts. Articles include:

  • A Morley Family I have developed a new clan, soon to be published, for a family from Morley, near Wilmslow, following queries from Harold Schofield. This articles describes some of the issues that arose.
  • Three Unusual Siblings One of my earliest mysteries revolved around an unmatched DNA result from a family descended from a Josiah, normally a name associated with my own clan. It now transpires that Josiah was make believe and we were dealing with an Alice Warburton who had three illegitimate children with three fathers. However Alice is linked to my clan.
  • The Origins of the Garryhinch Clan I was prompted to explore the clan’s origins further by comments in the biography of PGE (Eliot) Warburton MC. I found an article in The Cheshire and Lancashire Historical Collector dated February 1st 1854 that refuted a number of claims made by contemporary members of the Garryhinch clan. These claims were based on erroneous material in the 2nd edition of Burke’s Landed Gentry. I was also able to extend the clan with information from Eliot’s biography, and from Gary Merrill. Finally Eliot’s daughter Anne, Britain’s first female ambassador, died in 2015.
  • A Story from Prince Edward Island This story was sent to me by Alan Murray whose forebears worked on the Garryhinch estate and, like a branch of the Warburtons, emigrated to Prince Edward Island.
  • An Unusual Painting This is the story of a painting which hangs in Sherborne Lodge, said to be of John Dutton of Dutton. Investigation shows he is Judge Peter Warburton who was involved in the trials of Guy Fawkes, and Sir Walter Raleigh.
  • Warburtons and the Industrial Revolution Some insights from Capital and Innovation by Charles Foster. North West England had some specific attributes that made it the engine of the Industrial Revolution.
  • DNA Roundup A discussion of recent discoveries and insights from the Warburton DNA Project.
  • Three Shorts:
    • The Six Medals I was informed of a pub called The Six Medals in honour of Mad Warby of Malta.
    • Forebears The announcement of a new genealogy portal.
    • New Photos of Henry Hulme Warburton MD of Santa Clara, and his wife Catherine.

Issue 11 – November 2015

This is the second collection of previous website posts. Articles include:

  • Mary Warburton’s Obligation 1719 Ann Cooper asked for my help in deciphering an old document. This article compares my efforts with images of the document.
  • Elizabeth Jane’s Tapestry Photographs and a story about a tapestry made in 1836.
  • Tottington Clan Updated When I investigated the ancestry of John, The Somerset Herald, I realised he belonged to the Tottington Clan. This article explains how.
  • Nineteenth Century Social Mobility This is the story of the trial of John Warburton for acting as an apothecary without license, and how he recovered to become a doctor, and the head of a family of doctors.
  • The Warburtons of Jamaica There are a number of Afro-Caribbean Warburtons from Jamaica. How might this be?

Issue 10 – June 2015

This the first Newsletter that is a collection of previous website posts. Articles include:

  • Was my Great Grandmother a Warburton? This was was sent to me by Ann Wills and was the first post that included real story. It recounted her great grandmother’s story of her origins.
  • Richard III and the False Paternity This is an article on the 2014 discovery of a ‘false paternity’ following DNA tests on the exhumed body of King Richard III of England.
  • John Warburton, Somerset Herald This is a biography of John Warburton, a farmer’s son from Elton, near Bury who rose, more by his wits than education, to become Somerset Herald.
  • Three Henrys of Haslingden I recently produced a long article on my quest to identify the ancestors of the Henry of Haslingden who married Alice Thredfield and was grandfather of the Joseph Warburton who emigrated to Utah in 1860. He was one of three Henrys who were baptised within 2 years, and married twenty years later.
  • Books Information on three books.

Issue 9 – September 2014

There have been significant developments on the DNA front and I think that warrants a Newsletter in its own right. I have structured it as a series of articles as follows:

  • DNA Indicates Warburton’s Norman Ancestry This is an overview of the material in the subsequent articles which I hope might form the basis for articles that might appear in other Journals.
  • My Warburton Theory In order to assess what we might know I have adopted a scientific approach of setting out a theory that best explains the known facts. As new information comes to light this theory may be strengthened, invalidated, or need modification.
  • Is Warburton Single Origin? Whilst the name Warburton derives from a single geographical location, a recent article in the Journal of One Name Studies suggests there are too many Warburtons to have been descended from a single first Warburton.
  • The Cheshire Group The most significant development is the identification of a matching group of Warburtons and Duttons which appears to descend from Odard de Dutton, and which forms a group within a larger group called The King’s Cluster. The Warburton half of this group is the Cheshire group comprising 10 matched DNA results. This article describes the members of the group, their Dutton match, and the King’s Cluster.
  • The Big Y Test and Results Big Y is a new DNA test from Family Tree DNA. Warburton and Dutton results are advancing our knowledge of the Warburton-Dutton group. This article attempts to describe the test and how it is significant.
  • The Future This article discusses the implications for the Warburton DNA Project, including the Lancashire group of 5 matched results, and strategies for testing for group membership.

Issue 8 – July 2013

There are five articles in this issue. They are:

  • Haslingden Notes This article follows my work on the Haslingden parish records and includes my promised notes on sources, and an update on A Confusing Family (Issue 3).
  • DNA Developments This article covers developments in two areas, a new Warburton-Dutton DNA link, and a new, cheaper entry level DNA test from Family Tree DNA. It also explores their impact on the Warburton DNA Study.
  • The New Warburton Website I have recently decided to relocate my website. This article describes why the change, what is similar, what is new, and how it affects Society members, and Friends of the project..
  • Button Sahib This is a transcription of the obituary of John Paul Warburton that appeared in The Times in 1919, and which was the inspiration for the title of this Newsletter.
  • The Warburton Name is a copy of an article I was asked to write for the June 2013 issue of Cheshire Ancestor for their series on Cheshire names.

Issue 7 – Feb 2013

The two articles in this issue are all about Johns and Josiahs, and are focused on the parish of Bowdon. They are:

  • The Search for John This is about my search for the John who is recorded as the father of a Josiah Warburton who was baptised at St Mary, the parish church of Bowdon, in 1818.
  • The Story of Hale Chapel takes the role of my ancestor Josiah Warburton (1658-1730) in the founding of Hale Chapel as a basis for a discussion of the history of non-conformity in Bowdon parish, the life of Josiah himself, and the recurrence of the name Josiah in subsequent generations of Warburtons.

Issue 6 – July 2012

The three feature articles in this issue are:

  • The Story of the Poynton Clan The clan I have spent longest developing during in the last six months is the Poynton Clan. It proved to be both bigger, and more interesting than I expected and that is described in this article.
  • A Lancashire Clan is this issue’s DNA article. Recent DNA results have produced a small group of matches and near matches that caused me to take a closer look at mutation rates, and allele frequencies. This article discusses my findings and conclusions.
  • Choppy Warburton and his Little Black Bottle  is the story of a 19th century athlete who became an early and successful trainer of cyclists before falling from grace and earning a reputation as the man who introduced drugs into cycling. This article explores his career, and whether his reputation was justified.

Issue 5 – Dec 2011

I prepared three articles for this issue. Then just as I was finishing off the newsletter I got an interesting email containing transcripts of reports of a sailing accident on the River Mersey in 1912. I included it as an extra article:

  • Always Turn the Page  is an extract from a book of the same name by David Robinson. The book is about Robinson family history, which includes some Warburton ancestors. The extract concerns those Warburton ancestors who lived in Summerseat, near Bury in Lancashire.
  • Who are Sam Warburton’s Ancestors Sam Warburton was captain of the Wales Rugby Union team that reached the semi-finals of the recent Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The article describes my research into his ancestors.
  • From Misfit to Hero  is the story of WWII flying ace Wing Commander Adrian Warburton, DSO and bar, DFC and 2 bars, DFC (USA), who was also known as ‘mad Warby of Malta’.
  • A Tragic Event contains transcripts  of reports in the Warrington Guardian concerning the death of a Walter Warburton in a sailing accident on the River Mersey at Warrington in 1912 (just 9 days before the Titanic sank).

Issue 4 – July 2011

There are 2 featured articles in this issue:

  • A Genealogical Journey  which describes how a new DNA match has disproved previous assumptions and resulted in the combination of two clans.
  • The Diary of Henry Warburton which is a transcript of the diary Henry kept on a voyage from Australia to England in 1880-1.

Issue 3 – Nov 2010

The three featured articles in this issue are:

  • A Confusing Family  which describes the problems I had matching a documented history of a family who emigrated to Utah with facts in the historical record.
  • DNA Project Status which takes stock of what the DNA Project has achieved, and what it should do next.
  • Colonel Sir Robert Warburton 1842-99 In Issue 1 I had an article on Colonel Robert Warburton, who, as a gunnery officer, participated in the First Afghan War. This is the story of his son who was born in an Afghan fort during that war before escaping to India with his mother, an Afghan Princess. Robert junior became famous for his exploits on the North West Frontier where he was the Political Officer in charge of the Khyber Pass.

Issue 2 – June 2010

The featured articles in this issue are:

  • Who was Bancroft’s Mother which explores the facts, and indulges in some speculations about the origins of Bancroft Warburton, the base son of Elizabeth Warburton and John Bancroft who was baptised at Bowdon St Mary in 1738.
  • My Phylogenetic Tree which explores the consequences of my DNA matches.
  • Rolling Your Own Life This is a member submission. It is the story of Fred Warburton, who was a professional footballer, and football manager. He managed the Dutch national team at the 1920 Olympics, so with the World Cup just about to start this would seem to be fortuitous timing.

Issue 1 – Nov 2009

The featured articles in this first issue are:

  • Nonconformists in Hale which includes the annexation of Ringway Chapel, my ancestor’s involvement, and impacts on my genealogical research.
  • Triangulation which is an explanation of DNA results and their use in Family History.
  • Colonel Robert Warburton 1811-63 I had planned the first article to be on Robert’s son, also called Robert, but the circumstances of Robert junior’s  birth are so dramatic in their own right that I decided to focus firstly on his parents, and to save Robert junior for a later issue.

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