Purpose and Objectives

This is the personal website of Raymond (Ray) Warburton. It is devoted to my Warburton One-Name Study, which is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies, and my Warburton DNA Project, which is a Family Tree DNA Surname DNA Project.

The contents are the results of my research, supplemented by submissions from other Warburton researchers. I began my research in 2006.

I am retired, so I can devote a fair amount of time to my research.  However I can’t succeed without help, so contributions are welcome.

The objectives of the site are to:

1. Present the results of my research for the benefit of others researching Warburton family history. These results will be in a number of forms including family trees, charts, reports, essays,  old photographs, and newsletters.

2. Introduce the role of DNA testing in genealogy and the study of deep ancestry.

3. Provide access to a Surname DNA project for those wishing to participate. This includes access to discounted tests and matching with previous results, including both Warburtons and others.

4. Provide summaries and interpretations of the DNA project’s findings.

5. Provide a blog where I can post new developments, website updates, and other matters of interest, together with the facility to subscribe to these posts.

6. Provide a facility for you to comment on any post or page to pass comment, ask questions, add information, or raise any other subject of interest.

As this is my personal website I reserve the right to place here other material, not related to the Surname Project, though I will ensure it is kept separate.

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Ray

    I expect you know that the Warburton book (Mike Nevell & Co.) was printed a few weeks ago after 6.5 years research & writing, published by Salford University.

    It’s very inexpensive and good reading (a few typos from page 1).

    Amazon say not available but Abacus Books Regent Road have it.

    Regards, David Miller

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