John Hedley Warburton

John Hedley Warburton lived from 1897 to 1945 and had 6 sons. Alan Jenks sent me an obituary from the Crewe Chronicle for Ronald Warburton who died in January 1st this year. He was the 6th son.

I have put together a little tree of John Hedley’s descendants, helped by this obituary, plus 2 earlier ones for Ronald’s brother’s Kenneth and George. Most of the people on it are still living so I cannot publish it online, but I would be happy to share it with any member of the family who cares to contact me. They might be able to help me with a couple of remaining puzzles, and correct any mistakes.

The family is part of the Sandbach clan, which originates with Ralph Warburton who was born around 1817. The clan has an unmatched DNA result, which might be the result of a non-paternal event. John Hedley and his descendants are on a different line of descent from Ralph so a DNA result from the family could be very interesting.  There are three possible outcomes:

  1. The worst case is we have another unmatched result. This would mean we had one, and possibly two non-paternal events in the Sandbach clan and would need to find another line back to Ralph to get past them.
  2. If the result matches the existing Sandbach result we would know it was inherited from Ralph and would apply to the whole clan. It could still be the result of an earlier non-paternal event, or it could come from an original adopter of the Warburton surname in the Middle Ages. Over 90% of lines originating that far back have died out and there may be others which have a small number of descendants today. Very few become large extended clans.
  3. The best case would be a match with a result from another clan, particularly if that clan belonged to one of the larger groups already identified. The Sandbach clan would then belong to a new group, or one of the existing groups.

If a male Warburton from the clan is willing to take such a test I’m sure the necessary finance can be organised.