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As owner of this site I am keen to respect the privacy of all individuals who are involved in the Warburton One-name Study and DNA Project, or who communicate with me on any subject. In order to maintain this pledge, I will endeavour to ensure this site does not contain any contact data of any living individual, other than myself.

I will also try to ensure that any Family Trees, Descendant Reports or charts that I published exclude living people, or show them only as a living person, unless I have been given permission to include them. By default I will exclude anyone born after 1950 and will only give name, place and date of birth of anyone born before then who may still be alive. I will however give acknowledgement to anyone who has provided information, and indicate by note where they fit in the tree. I will similarly indicate the position in a tree from where a DNA profile was obtained.

DNA results will be published against a code with no specific name attached. I reserve the right to place results on public databases such as Ysearch, Ybase, and YHRD for comparison purposes. They will be identified as Warburton profiles with a place of origin, but will be otherwise anonymous.

However, one objective of a project like this is to introduce people who may have a close relationship and I will to do this where both parties have expressed their agreement.

I will acknowledge the copyright of the owners of any data provided for display on this website.

If any data on this website is inaccurate, or if anything in it offends you, please contact me directly.

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