I registered my Warburton project as  a One-Name Study with the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS). By doing this I committed  to two things:

·         To collect references to the Warburton name on a world-wide basis

·         To deal promptly with enquiries

In addressing the first I do not intend to repeat basic information from censuses, registers of births, marriages and deaths (BMD), or parish registers that is already available on the Internet, unless it is collected as a by-product of more detailed analysis. My emphasis will be to present such information in the context of a family tree developed for a Warburton clan. Clans are groups of related Warburtons with a common ancestor. However it is open for anyone to provide information for inclusion, and all relevant information will be accepted.

By presenting the bulk of the information in PDF format I hope to make it readily accessible to researchers. Hopefully this will help with my second commitment, to respond promptly to queries. There is a link in the sidebar you can use to email me. Or you may simply add a comment on the appropriate page, thus allowing other website users to see it and possibly answer with their own comment..

I hope the many of you I have already corresponded with have found me diligent in this respect, though perhaps not always able to provide the information you seek. Also I do take holidays on a regular basis so the occasional delay is unavoidable.

Central to the Study will be the Warburton Surname DNA Project. Data collected so far indicates a number of distinct Warburton clans with different DNA profiles. The Study will aim to establish the descendants of the earliest known ancestor in each identified Warburton clan, and to associate a DNA profile to that clan, or to part of it.

Clans are documented in both textual (PDF) format, and as an on-line Tree. There is also a Warburton Trees Index which covers all the clans. To help with building clans I also perform occasional exercises to list the various Warburton parish entries in a specific parish and group them as far as possible into families. These are also presented as PDF files.

In addition to the facilities on this website there are also Warburton discussion boards on Ancestry, Rootsweb, and Genealogy.com.

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2 thoughts on “One-Name Study”

  1. I was interested in your Warburton article in Manchester Genealogist as I know a sister of my great-gran , Clara Novello Fish, married Charles Warburton(1861-1909) and the birthdays of 3 children are recorded in a birthday book. I traced descendants and may still be able to contact them. Recently a baby was christened Clara Novello! Charles lived in Salford, was engineer 1885, millwright later.
    May be this of interest to you The children
    Charles Frederick W. 21 May 1885 Harry W 16Dec 1886
    Elsie W. 31 Oct 1891

    1. Thanks Barbara,

      I have Clara and Charles in the Coppenhall clan. The birth dates are useful, especially as it shows I had picked the wrong death registration for Harry. I also have a 4th child Lawrence but no information on their subsequent lives, so anything you can add would be welcome. It seems from the 1939 Register that Charles Frederick styled himself Fred C.

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