This page provides links to various papers, notes, and other items of interest I have collected over the years.

My Ancestry

This is  a series of documents that describes my own genealogy, including:

My Ancestors

  • This is an Ancestor Report generated by my family tree program.
  • Link: My Ancestors
  • Last updated: Regenerated 25th October 2019.

My Pedigree

  • This is a Pedigree Chart generated by my family tree program. It shows all my ancestors and their siblings.
  • Link: My Pedigree
  • Last updated: Regenerated 25th October 2019.

My Fan Chart

  • This is an alternative presentation of my ancestors back 10 generations.
  • Link:   My Fan Chart
  • Last updated: 25th October 2019

Notes on my Genealogy

  • This is a collection of documents that existed both individually and in an even larger collection on my old website. It includes the following chapters:
    • My Ancestors – a narrative description of my ancestors which was formally part of the My Genealogy page of the old site.
    • Ann’s Ancestors – Ann is a distant cousin who lives in Australia. This chapter describes how I proved our link.
    • James Warburton – James is known from the burial of his son in a family grave. This chapter explores who he was.
    • Notes on Bancroft Warburton – Bancroft was the illegitimate son of John Bancroft and Elizabeth Warburton. John was previously married to Mary Warburton who was part of my extended family. Elizabeth has proved more difficult to track down though I feel certain she must also have been part of the family.
  • Link:   Notes on my Ancestors
  • Last updated: 12th February 2014

General Papers

Origins and Statistics

  • This is an essay on the origins of the Warburton name, plus some interesting statistics. It is an update of the information on the Home page of my previous website.
  • Link:   Origins and Statistics
  • Last updated: 6th September 2016.

Warburton Landholdings in Hale

  • My ancestors were farmers in Hale and this chapter explores the evidence of their landholding and includes transcripts of a couple of old leases. Although it focuses on my own family it tries to be comprehensive and may be of some general interest, particularly in terms of historical background the practice of 3-lives leases.
  • Link:   Warburton Landholdings
  • Last updated: 12th February 2014.

Warburtons Named Josiah

  • This is a paper based on the frequency of the name Josiah in my family. It identifies about 46 Josiahs born up to 1900, of whom about 15 are members of my clan, based on available records.
  • Link:   Warburtons named Josiah
  • Last updated: 12th February 2014.

Warburtons in the Tottington Manor Halmote Records

  • This is a paper that catalogues and reviews the Warburton references in the Tottington Manor Halmote Records in the 16th century. It is based on extracts from the Court Rolls of the Honor of Clitheroe  by William Farrer (mainly volume III) which were sent to me by Robert Warburton of the Edenfield Clan. These books can  be viewed online here.
  • Link:   Halmote Records
  • Last updated: 20th November 2016.

Thomas and Sarah Families

  • This is a study of Thomas and Sarah families in the area of Lancashire that covers Bury, Bolton and Haslingden. It addresses the origins of Bakers of Bolton clan, and a branch of the Edenfield clan.
  • Link:   Thomas and Sarah Families
  • Last updated: 6th November 2017.

Edenfield Clan and Related Peters

  • This is a study of  Peters in the Bury Haslingden area and their relationship to the Edenfield clan. It also discusses the Edenfield clan in general.
  • Link:   Edenfield Clan and Related Peters
  • Last updated: 27th November 2018. Edenfield Clan and Related Peters

Captain Eliot Warburton’s Letters to Marian Martin

The Origins of the name Warburton Lee

  • The surname Warburton Lee is perhaps most famous for the exploits of Captain Bernard Warburton Lee who won the Victoria Cross (posthumously) at the battle of Narvik in 1940. This episode is described on Wikepedia.
  • The starting point for my investigation into the name was the obituary of Mrs Warburton Lee dated 1934. She was the widow Joseph Henry Warburton Lee, who was born in 1855, and mother to Bernard. The obituary referred to Joseph’s descent from the 17th century  divines and commentators, Philip and Matthew Henry. In 1690 Rev. Matthew Henry married Mary Warburton of the Warburtons of Hefferston Grange, and it seems that Joseph was named in honour of this union, being given both Henry and Warburton as names.
  • Between Mary and Joseph there are 6 generations, four before the name of Lee is introduced to the line. The habit of using ancestors surnames as forenames is common in the extended family with Warburton being used a couple of times. There are also examples I haven’t connected to Mary’s descendants but I suspect these also represent a family surname used as a forename.
  • Even Joseph was originally given Warburton as a forename and it seems to be treated as such in censuses up to 1911. His wife Emmeline is only named Lee, and although four of their five children have Warburton as a forename one, their eldest daughter, does not.
  • However sometime between 1911 and the death of Emmeline Warburton Lee in 1934 Warburton became part of the family surname. Warburton Lee (with or without a hyphen) is firmly established as the name of the family of Bernard Warburton Lee, the only son of Joesph Henry Warburton Lee to have issue. However I haven’t found evidence of a change by deed poll, though I have tried searching indices of deed poll changes.
  • The link below is to a chart which shows the line of descent from the parents of Rev. Matthew Henry and Mary Warburton, to the family of Bernard Warburton Lee.
  • Link:    Warburton Lee Chart
  • Last updated: 2nd February 2020.

Old Forum Topic

  • When the Website Forum was discontinued I archived significant Topics here.
  • Link:   Old Forum Topics
  • Last updated: 18th July 2020.

Old Books

Warburton: The Village and the Family by Norman Warburton

  • This book was published in 1970 by The Research Publishing Company (no longer in existence) in 1970. It is now out of print. Norman’s nephew Brian arranged for much of the text to placed online.
  • Link:   Warburton: The Village and the Family
  • Last updated: 17th October 2014.

Controller of Devils by G. D. Martineau

  • This book is the story Button Sahib, aka John Paul Warburton, India’s greatest detective, written by his grandson. It is presented as four PDF files kindly presented by Geoffrey Allen.
  • Links:   Controller of Devils Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
  • Last updated: 17th October 2014.

Notes and Lists

These documents were compiled as part of my research and are not intended to be updated.

Crewe Estate Records

  • During my research of my own family I studied the Crewe Estate records at the Cheshire Records Office in Chester, looking particularly Leases, Rental Books, and Land Surveys of the Crewe’s Hale estates. I also studied the 1838 tithe maps which are now online.
  • Link:   Crewe Estate Records notes
  • Date created: Before June 2008.

Oaths and Taxes

  • I have collected Warburton references in the Hearth Tax, Poll Tax, Grand Remonstrance and Oath of Allegiance for Bowdon parish.
  • Link:   Oaths and Taxes
  • Date created: Before June 2008.

Stamford Estate Records

  • These notes are from a day studying the Stamford estate papers held at Rylands Library, Manchester. Most of these references are not related to my own family. I also have a photocopy of all the Warburton references in the index to the papers.
  • Link:   Stamford Estate Records notes
  • Date created: Before June 2008.

Tithe Maps

  • This paper lists the apportionments in the 1838 tythe maps for Hale that refer to Warburtons.
  • Link:   Tithe Map Apportionment
  • Date created:

Warburton: The Village and the Family

  • This is my précis of Warburton: The Village and the Family by Norman Warburton. Much of the book has been transcribed and placed on the Internet by the author’s nephew, William Warburton.
  • Link:   Precis Transcript
  • Before June 2008.

Warburton Wills

  • The Northern Writers Guild are producing a series of books called Between the Bollin and the Mersey. These include transcriptions of will from between 1600 and 1760 for the various townships in that area. The first publications included Bowdon, and the first 2 volumes for Hale. This is a list of references to the Warburtons in those wills.
  • Link:   Warburton Wills
  • Date created: Before June 2008.

Wills Information

  • This is some information on where Warburton wills can be found.
  • Link:   Wills Index
  • Date created: Before June 2008.

The Dutton Tree by PH Lawson FSA

The Dutton Tree was created by P.H. Lawson FSA. It covers the ancestors and descendants of Odard de Dutton, and indicates the start of the Warburton branch. It commences with a Norse King, and ends with four individuals who are, if still living, younger than me. In all it covers 39 generations.

A copy was loaned to me by Theo Dutton during the Warburton Event of October 15th 2016. I photographed the chart and then transcribed it into my Family Tree program (Reunion).

The photographs can be seen on the Dutton Tree page within the Gallery. The Reunion output consists of an online tree, a Descendant Report, and a generated chart. These can be accessed below for the full tree, and for a simplified version that just includes Odard de Dutton’s Dutton descendants.

The part of the tree that covers Odard’s ancestors is a bit dubious.  The paper by Ed Dutton addresses issues concerning Odard’s ancestry. Furthermore the DNA evidence available so far suggests that Odard’s ancestors migrated directly from the Rhineland to Normandy long before the Norsemen arrived, though at present the evidence is by no means conclusive.

Dutton Tree links:

Simplified Dutton Tree Links:

Was Odard Related to William the Conqueror?

  • This is a paper written by Ed Dutton on Odard’s Norman Ancestry. In it he explores the theory that Odard was related to William Conqueror, and other versions of his origins.
  • Link:   Odards Ancestors

External Papers

The Warburtons of Garryhinch

  • This memoir was written by James Arthur Warburton (1890-1982) and is subtitled “Chronicle of Warburton Ancestry from the 11th Century”. It was provided to me y the author’s grandson Chris Warburton.
  • Link:   The Warburtons of Garryhinch

Marriage at Manchester Cathedral

  • Marriage in the Cathedral is a document containing a couple of accounts of multiple marriages at Manchester Cathedral. Acknowledgments are due to Gay Oliver who sent me the documents.
  • Link:   Marriage in the Cathedral

History of Joseph Warburton

  • This is a history of Joseph Warburton. Born in Radcliffe in 1831 he joined the Church of Later Day Saints in 1847 and emigrated to Utah in 1860. It was written by one of his descendants and sent to me by Almon Clegg.
  • Link:   History of Joseph Warburton

They Crossed the Plains in a Handcart

  • This is a an account of how the Mormon pioneers migrated to Utah, with mention of John Warburton of Haslingden, who crossed the plains in 1856. It was written in 2002 by Laural Bushman.
  • Link:   They Crossed the Plains in a Handcart

The Story of Warburton Pike

  • This is the story of Warburton Pike, a naturalist, author, adventurer, miner and philanthropist who lived on the island of Saturna in British Columbia in the late 19th century.
  • Link:   Warburton Pike

Incorrect spellings of Warburton in the UK Censuses

  • These are lists of over 2500 alternative spellings of Warburton in the UK censuses as recorded on Ancestry from 1841 to 1901. Often families appear to go missing in a census only to turn up under a different spelling of the name. Common alternative spellings of Warburton are Warberton, Walburton, Warbutton, Warbritton etc.  These different spellings can arise because the name was recorded incorrectly on the original census, or the name was transcribed incorrectly on the online index. By far the most common version is Warbritton (over 800 including nearly 300 in 1841 alone), though it would appear this is in most cases an incorrect transcription on Warbutton on the original census. Some misspellings may become permanent. For example the UK National Health Service Register shows 77 modern day Warbuttons and 8 Warbutons, but no Warbrittons, though several of these show up in the US White pages. However the vast majority of different spellings appear to have been temporary.  Since I constructed these lists Ancestry has improved its transcriptions by adding alternate versions so many of those listed may now be found naturally.
  • Links: 1841   1851   1861   1871   1881   1891   1901
  • Last updated: 7th October 2010.

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  1. Haslingden of Utah you have Tharon Warburton married to Miss Merkley. Tharon is female and is married to Mr. Merkley. Love your web site and all the work you have done.
    Thank you

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