The results of my genealogical research can be accessed from the following sub menu items.

  Clans My main objective is to produce Warburton family trees. My trees have two distinctive features. Firstly they consist predominantly of Warburtons, their spouses, and their Warburton children.The exception is my own tree where I have followed non-Warburton lines backwards. The second feature is I try to follow all male lines of descent. For each tree I produce an on-line tree, a Descendant Report, and Descendant Charts, the last two in PDF format. This page is the top of a structure that describes the various trees and gives access to them.

  Parishes A common exercise is to list Warburton baptisms, marriages, burials, and Monumental Inscriptions for a particular parish, and to then group the records into families where possible. The results are presented as a series of PDF files and this page describes, and gives access to what is available.

  Papers From time to time I have written various papers. They differ from newsletter articles in that they carry a revision date and may be updated from time to time. As appropriate an newspaper article might become a paper and vice versa.

  Newsletters I produce a Newsletter about every six months. This page provides an index to the articles in the various issues.