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The following photos were sent to me by Diane Daly. They first appeared in Issue 11 of The Button Files.

Elizabeth Jane and Charlotte were sisters, daughters of Joseph and Grace (nee Bancks) of Rostherne, Cheshire. Joseph was the brother of my great-great-great grandfather William so they belong to the Hale Barns clan.

I can find no record of either Elizabeth’s marriage (if she did marry) or death, but the subject of the tapestry poem indicates that she may well have been an invalid in 1838 and may have died at an early age.

Charlotte’s husband, Peter Cliffe progressed from Gardener in 1851 to Head Gardener at Tatton Hall, country seat of the Baron (later Earl) Egerton. Evidently he was also involved in the development of Kew Gardens in the late 1800s.

Charlotte died in her 99th year, having lived since she was widowed in the house which husband Peter had had built for his retirement, but he died in the 1880s before it was ready. Their unmarried daughter Charlotte left her job as dressmaker and ladies maid to Lady Egerton, a Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria, to look after her mother, and subsequently also took responsibility for bringing up her niece, Kathleen Bailey, from about the age of 6. Kathleen remembered her grandmother Charlotte as a very kind and pleasant person.

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