Most photographs in the Gallery first appeared in articles in the Button Files newsletters. In recent years they will first have appeared as Posts.

Where there are several photographs related to a single story I have presented them in a dedicated page, and in some cases have included additional pictures which were excluded from newsletters due to size limitations.

Pictures of Warburton artefacts have also been presented under Warburton Artefacts. All other photographs are collected under other Newsletter Photos.

Note: You can click on a photo for a slide show.

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  1. Hello Ray…have loved reading your extensive site! I am a descendant of Martha Warburton Castanelli. My grandfather was George Thomas Castanelli her grandson. Records don’t show this. My dad was illegitimate, but have been told by my maternal great aunt that George was my birth grandfather. George and my grandmother both lived at Hexham in Victoria (Australia) at the time. Have been doing my own searches and have filled in a lot of gaps. Challenging, but so rewarding. Would enjoy contact if I could fill in any of your gaps! Regards, Marilyn

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