These three photos were sent to me by Lionel Toole. James Warburton was born on on February 1st 1850 in Macclesfield, and emigrated to Paterson, New Jersey in 1886. He died in 1907. He was a master tailor who  married Martha Jane Toole in 1874. They lived at 152 Governor Street in 1892/3. James belongs to a branch of the Mobberley clan I still need to document.

There were close links between Paterson and Macclesfield from 1830 onwards, based on a shared involvement in the silk industry. By 1900 there were 3,000 Macclesfield people living in Paterson. It seems that as a tailor, James was not directly involved in the silk industry though it was probably an important raw material in his tailoring business.

The Macclesfield-Paterson link can also be seen in the Wilmslow clan.

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