Sidney Warburton

I recently received an enquiry from Karen Anderson about her grandmother, Elizabeth Warburton. There were three parts to the query:

  • Elizabeth’s father was born in Flintshire so Karen wondered about the origins of the Flintshire Warburtons.
  • Autosomal DNA results made Karen wonder if Elizabeth was illegitimate.
  • Elizabeth herself did have an illegitimate son called Sidney who she abandoned aged 6 when she moved to London. Sidney had a colourful life before disappearing from view in the 1950s. Karen has related what she knows of Sidney’s life and wonders if anyone has further information

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Gallery Developments

James of Partington’s Bible

On June 23rd I Posted on a bible that originally belonged to James Warburton of Partington and his second wife Charlotte Burgess….

Gallery Reorganisation

I have taken the opportunity of adding a new page to reorganise the Gallery….


In the process I discovered some omissions. These are included below and will also appear in Issue 20 of the Button Files….

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Split and Amalgamation

I have been working on and off for some time on a new Partington Clan. This is based on a tree sent to me, probably a decade ago, by Cathy Warburton in California. This included some early Partington families and their descendants who occupied properties in Heatley and Wet Gate in Lymm.

Cathy’s tree included lots of information, much based on wills, and some speculative. In rationalising all of this I realised that the new clan will incorporate the existing Pennsylvania Clan.

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Rear Admiral Audley Lyne Warburton

Recent Posts about various military Warburtons prompted Leon Warburton of the Audley clan to draw my attention to Real Admiral Audley Lyme Warburton of the US Navy. I have been unable to find a full biography of Audley, but Leon and I have been able to piece together some information and a couple of photos. Audley is included in a list of biographies on the Naval History and Heritage Command website, but it is not one of the ones digitised. If anyone has further information I would be happy to add it. I have also updated the Audley clan with additional details uncovered by the research.

Audley was born on August 24th 1900 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was the youngest of 5 surviving children of Christopher Warburton and Charlotte nee Lyne. Christopher was born in Audley, Staffordshire in 1861, and emigrated to Milwaukee around 1880 where he met Charlotte and married her circa 1881.

Audley graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1924 and served for 32 years including service in world War II and the Korean War.

Rear Admiral Audley Lyne Warburton US Navy 1900-1974

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Capital and Innovation

A recent email conversation with Colin Warburton of the Edenfield clan raised the question of the early Warburton ancestors of the clan who were tenant farmers on the Tottington Manor Estate and lived in Stubbins Hall. Colin mused that they seemed ‘well off’ for tenant farmers. I think my answer to him might be of general interest so I have repeated it below. I believe the book mentioned, Capital and Innovation can still be found on Amazon, at least secondhand.

I have a book, Capital and Innovation by Charles Foster. Charles was the archivist at Arley Hall, and brother-in-law to the current Viscount Ashbrook. In the book he describes how, in the early 16th century, news laws were introduced which created ‘customary’ tenants whose rents were fixed, and who could not be ejected. 

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Peter Warburton, Married 1806?

Peter Warburton was a Yeoman who married Hannah Mitchall at Liverpool, St John on October 12th 806. His descendant’s wife, Joan Warburton is researching his tree and is interested to know if anyone has more information on Peter.

He is not yet in one of my clans, and there are no obvious records for a Peter of his age in the on-line sources I’ve searched. Information on his death and age at death would be a useful step forward.

If you think you know anything please comment on this Post.

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Button Files Issue 19

I have completed Issue 19 of the Button Files Newsletter which collects all relevant Posts since the last issue in December 2019. Where appropriate I have combined related Posts into a single article.

I have also placed the photos from the issue into the Gallery. Alexander Bannerman Warburton is in Some Notable Warburtons, the Affetside Roll of Honour and related pictures are in Warburton Artefacts, and the rest are in Some Newsletter Photos. As a result these three Galleries are now built with the new Galleries plugin.

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Alexander Bannerman Warburton

Steve Warburton recently sent me a link to the biography of Alexander Bannerman Warburton on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography site. You can see the full biography here.

Alexander Bannerman Warburton (1852-1929), a lawyer, politician, judge, and author, was briefly Premier of Prince Edward Island in 1897.

Alexander was a member of the Garryhinch clan. His parents, James Warburton and Martha Compton nee Green emigrated from the family’s Garryhinch Estate at Portarlington, Queens County (now County Laois) in Ireland in 1834.

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