FTDNA Christmas Sale

Update:  I was wrong. There are additional reductions, but they are a bit different this year. Up to December 9th you can get 5% off orders under $100 using code MERRY5, and 10% of orders over $100 using code Merry10. Makes Y37 $94 and BigY500 $449. There will no doubt be other offers in subsequent weeks, but I wont post them to everyone. If you are panning to order anything let me know and I will let you know what there is that week.


The FTDNA Christmas sale has now begun and runs to December 31st. They have done away with all the special vouchers this year so the offer is quite simple. The tests most relvant to the Warburton Project are:

Y37 at $99, normally $149 when ordered through the project, or £169 full price. You could get an equivalent test at YSEQ for $84, but then the results wouldn’t be incorporated into the Warburton project results page.

BigY500 at $499, normally $649.

For more information of Y-chromosome DNA testing see my DNA Project page, and in particular the first two linked papers:

DNA and its Uses in Genealogy
A Strategy for DNA

Christina Ratcliffe

Part of the story of Wing Commander Adrian Warburton, aka Mad Warby of Malta, was his relationship with Christina Ratcliffe during his time in Malta. Christina remained in Malta after Adrian left, and was subsequently killed. I have recently been…

New Photo

Susan North sent me the following photo of her grandmother with a request for information. I dug around and put the results on the Miscellaneous Photos page., and have copied it here as well.

This photo was sent to me by Susan North. It is of her paternal grandmother Emily Ryder nee Warburton b 1878, together with her eldest son Harry and and two others, yet to be identified.

Emily was born in Bury, one of 9 children of George Thomas (Thomas) Warburton and Dorothy nee Haslem of the Cardiff and Bury family. I believe this makes her the great great aunt of Sam Warburton the ex-Wales rugby captain.

She married Susan’s grandfather Richard/Harry Ryder around 1916.