John Owen ‘or Warburton’

I have been looking recently at the Salford ancestors of Andrew Warburton. My search led me to William Warburton of Urmston. William married Betty Mudiman, in 1784, had seven children baptised, and was buried on September 14th 1819, aged 59, all at St Michael’s Flixton.

Urmston is a township within Flixton parish

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Barney Dylan Warburton

I recently came across an In Memory page on the History Points website for Barney Dylan Warburton. Barney was a Corporal in the Royal Engineers who specialised in defusing explosive devices. He served in Bosnia, and was killed on March 19th 1994 by an improvised mine. It was the day after John Major, Prime Minister at the time, had shook his hand during a tour of inspection.

You can read the full story on the History Points site here.

I was pointed to the site by

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I’ve mentioned before that I get sent obituaries from time to time. In fact the Guild of One Name Studies has a news watch program where volunteers scan newspapers for obituaries that match an active one name study.

In January I reported how one obituary led to my 8th cousin. A more recent obituary led to someone more closely related.

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