Ashley and Morley Clan
Ashley and Morley Clan
Ray Warburton
This clan documents a clan from Morley in Wilmslow and connects it to a family in Ashley within Bowdon parish that is descended from Josiah (died 1764) and Martha nee Bradbury. Josiah’s origins are uncertain but he is possibly the Josiah son of John who was baptised in Northenden in 1715.

The Josiah name, which occurs throughout the clan, suggested that this clan is linked to the Hale Barns clan. However DNA shows it is unrelated, it being linked to the Nottinghamshire clan with a common ancestor who probably lived before 1600 AD. A number of links in the first couple of generations are 'most likely' rather than proven. Future DNA results might help here, though single mismatches might result from a non paternal event rather than signifying an error in the tree.

The photo is of the Greyhound Pub in Ashley.