Bury and Finland Family
Bury and Finland Family
Ray Warburton
Thomas Warburton emigrated to Finland circa 1859 where he managed a cotton mill. He was accompanied by his wife, and a son and daughter. I was contacted by Reija Nurmi-Niskala whose grandfather is suspected of being the son of Thomas’s grandson, Thomas Harald. A DNA test confirms matches with the Lancashire Group of clans which are centered around Bury.

This tree is based on entries in Geni.com. It traces back to George and Alice Diggle who married in Bury in 1790. However a supposed link of George to Jacob and Margaret of the Tottington Clan is discounted as the George in question died an infant. An alternative is George, the son of Thomas, who was born in 1766. However this link has yet to be connected to any other Lancashire Group clan.