Flixton Clan
Flixton Clan
Ray Warburton
This clan documents the descendants of Richard Warburton and Lucy nee Owen who married at Flixton in 1769.

Richard was originally considered to be the son of John, baptised at Flixton in 1744, and therefore part of the family of John and Ellen nee Royle of the Partington clan. However, John’s brother (also Richard) states in his will that there was only one son of John, named Thomas, who was living when Richard died in 1781.

Also Richard of Flixton’s age at death implies he was born in 1741. Therefore I have presumed that John and Ellen’s son died before 1781, and Richard of Flixton had different, currently unknown parents.

Nevertheless Richard’s children’s names, particularly Peter, George, and Christian are similar to those used in the Partington clan so it is probable they are related in some way.