Walmersley and Bolton (Bakers) Clan
Walmersley and Bolton (Bakers) Clan
Ray Warburton
This tree combines three families which are linked on the basis of specific assumptions.

The families are:

1. The ancestors of Warburtons Bakers of Bolton, starting from Henry born in 1805. It is based on one published by Warburtons Bakers, and was formerly the Bolton (Bakers) Clan which is replaced. An additional line was provided by Harold Schofield. The descendant of James, born in 1800 in Walmersley.

2. This is based on a tree provided by Virginia Nightingale, with additional information from Peter Jones.

3. The descendants of Peter and Elizabeth Heap. This family are a by product of research into Edenfield families and local parish records in support of the Edenfield clan.

The first two families are linked by the assumption that 4 children of Thomas and Sarah of Walmersley, baptised at Holcombe between 1800 and 1804, are part of the same family as 4 children of Thomas and Sarah of Edenfield, baptised at Edenfield Chapel between 1805 and 1809.

The identification of Thomas, the father of the above children with the son of Peter and Elizabeth nee Heap is based on the assumption that he is the Thomas whose burial was recorded at Holcombe in 1810.

The assumptions are expanded on in the tree.