These letters and transcripts are from an article in Issue 23 of the Button Files, and this Post.

James’s Letter Page1

Oct 12th 1867

My Dear Father,

I have felt very much
hurt that you should have
refused to lend me five
pounds just for a few hours.
If it had not been for
Mr John Dean I must
have been exposed to a
bind. All the first
family think it very
hard and unjust that
you should make so
much more of the
second family

James’s Letter Page 2

than of us who have
all tried to be obedient
and dutiful to you and we
love and value you quite
as much as they do.
We cannot help thinking
that someone
who tries to persuade
you from doing us
a kindness.
Hoping you will
not take this amiss
I remain

Yours affectionally
James Warburton

Dr John Warburton

Dr John Warburton of Betley, Staffs was the father of Henry Hulme Warburton. He was sued in 1819 for practising as an apothecary without a license.

John’s First Letter Pages 1 and 4
John’s First Letter pages 2 and 3

                                              Betley Oct 12th

My Dear Son,

I am not surprised at you
being in difficulties. There are
two reasons why I did not lend
you the money you asked for

1st I had no money to spare
as the following statement should
convince you

On June 30th I paid Mrs Meuch          12. 10. 0
July 1st Mr Dean                                        25.  0. 0
Aug 2nd Druggist nearly                          6.  0. 0
Oct 4th Paid for lectures L’pool          29   8. 0
Library & subject                                             17. 6
For board & lodgings                                10. 0. 0
Oct 7th Paid Mr Rigby towards
paying off Dr Vernon £1050                 100. 0. 0​


2nd Reason – I do not think you would
need to borrow from anyone
if you would manage your
affairs with discretion and only
buy such things as are
absolutely necessary.

If I had done as you do when
I began the world, I could not
have done what I have done for my
first family altho’ you seem to
think so little of it.

When I walked or kept only one
horse you have had 4 or 5. At
your age I rode on horseback.
You keep two carriages. I never
had a close carriage till I was
upwards of 70 years of age.
You have one in your youth.

As regards the difference
made in the two families which
my first children are all so
uneasy about, see opposite page.

1st. J.P.Warburton
Paid at Macclesfield for you
to be a druggist                                             £66. 16. 6

Paid for your first winter
at King’s college                                            £61. 0. 0
Do first summer                                            £28. 10. 0

One Year                                                           £89.10.0

2nd. C W Warburton
First winter at Edinburgh                           £60.0.0
Summer                                                             £25.0.0

One Year                                                          £85.0.0

3rd. Edmund W.
First year including
board & lodgings                                         £78.0.0

See also the following:

1st J P Warburton 
Total cost of professional                      £421.6.8.½
education & at Macclesfield
besides many books
not charged

2nd. In Edinburgh & London              £342.3.3
including a note for
£20.0.0 due for Pickfords

3rd.Hannah has had                                £215.0.0
4th Ellen has had                                      £238.0.0
5th Mary do                                                 £220.0.0
6th Henry do                                               £100.0.0


Since April 18th 1866 Caroline has had from me £39.0.0 and £20.0.0 I gave her for other purposes.

Sarahanne has had from me during the same period only £7.3.0 beside what she has had from hermother’s allowance and she has not much than half the interest of her own property.

Yours truly,

J Warburton. 

John’s Second Letter Pages 1 and 4
John’s Second Letter Pages 2 and 3

Dear James,

The statement I sent you on Saturday did not contain all I have done for my first family since they finished their education – see the following –

1 Henry had upwards of £100.0.0
besides what I gave him to go to America.

2 Thomas cost in paying the College 
of Surgeon & Hall                              £304.10.0
Gave him for furniture                         £50.00
Lent & not returned                               £50.00
Total to Thomas                                  £404.10.0

Advanced £100 to Caroline and Ellen which he had and which was returned
to me.

3 You have had                            £421.6.8.½
4 Charles do                                 £342.3.3
5 Hannah do                                £215.0.0
6 Ellen do                                     £238.0.0
7 Mary do                                     £220.0.0
8 Caroline for savings bank    £20.0.0

                                                      £1960.19.11 1/2

The following statement will show what my second family have had 

1st Edmund had for last year                £134.9.3
            & towards 2nd year

2nd Frank has had up to this time       £250.0.0
3 Emily has in savings bank                   £10.0.0
4 Arthur do   do                                            £10.0.0


Sarahanne has had nothing but what her grandmother left her

This statement shows the untruth of your assertions that I do more for my second family than for my first.

The following will show how
unreasonable it is in you with
no family, and having the best part
of my practice / which I could have sold for a considerable sum
before you commenced / and having
had so much of your wife’s money
should expect me to support your
expensesin servants, horses,
& carriages. Besides the payments
mentioned in my last [letter] during
the last quarter viz                                     £183.15.6
I paid for Frank to W M Heaton              £50.0.0
Gave Caroline for bank                                £20.0.0
Emily do                                                            £8.10.0
Arthur do                                                           £8.10.0


I have paid the above in the last quarter besides current expenses
    J W.

N.B. I have reckoned how much your
establishment must cost you annually

Two servants (female wages)       £20.0.0
Man & boy wages                               £40.0.0
Keep in board and for three
@ £15 each                                           £45.0.0


Keep of 4 horses which
you have had on an average
at 10/s per week winter ??            £104.0.0
Taxes on these horses,
shoeing & loss in horse
flesh in wear & tolls                        £16.0.0
expense of carriages &
harness, saddles & bridles
 & stable cloths & gear
with taxes – repairs                         £15.0.0


The interest of this money is lost also.

When I commenced my business, I
first went all over this country on
foot, then I had one horse & partly
rode & partly walked. I had a maid
servant and a boy at £14.0.0 a year for


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