The bulk of the material on this website is presented in PDF format to facilitate downloading, printing, and ease of handling. The principle exceptions to this are the on-line family trees. Website Pages are intended to provide a guide to these materials, and the sidebar on each page will give direct access to the most important items. Each page also has a Comment facility to facilitate feedback, and an exchange of thoughts and opinions.

This following Menu items give access to the various Pages:

Home  This page is essentially a blog comprising Posts and Comments. I will use this to Post on updates, progress, or anything else of interest. A Welcome post will sit at the top of the Page, followed by subsequent Posts, with the most recent on top. Again Posts may be Commented upon.

About  This Menu item gives access to four sub-menu items:

   Purpose and Objectives  This describes what I am trying to achieve with the site.

   Website structure  Is this page.

   One-Name Study  A description of my One-Name Study, its components, and my responsibilities.

Invitation to Participate A plea for help.

   Privacy Policy  My policy on information about living people, including anonymity within the DNA Project.

The DNA Project The Warburton Surname DNA Project is hosted at Family Tree DNA and there is a website there (linked from the sidebar) that contains the results. This page describes how to participate in the study, gives access to papers on the role of DNA testing in genealogy, considerations in deciding on a test, and commentary on the results.

Research The results of my genealogical research can be accessed from the following sub menu items.

  Clans My main objective is to produce Warburton family trees. My trees have two distinctive features. Firstly they consist predominantly of Warburtons, their spouses, and their Warburton children.The exception is my own tree where I have followed non-Warburton lines backwards. The second feature is I try to follow all male lines of descent. For each tree I produce an on-line tree, a Descendant Report, and Descendant Charts, the last two in PDF format. This page is the top of a structure that describes the various trees and gives access to them.

  Parish A common exercise is to list Warburton baptisms, marriages, burials, and Monumental Inscriptions for a particular parish, and to then group the records into families where possible. The results are presented as a series of PDF files and this page describes, and gives access to what is available.

  Papers From time to time I have written various papers. They differ from newsletter articles in that they carry a revision date and may be updated from time to time. As appropriate an newspaper article might become a paper and vice versa.

  Newsletters I produce a Newsletter about every six months. This page provides an index to the articles in the various issues.

Gallery This is a repository for pictures relevant to the project.

3 thoughts on “Website Structure”

  1. Hello, I haven’t had time to really look round this site, but I will.

    My g grandmother was Elizabeth Warburton, she married a John Bate. My grandmother was also Elizabeth, ( one of 12 children) and she married Richard James Bleasdale. They were born in Warrington.

    Happy to send further details if you think may be of help.


  2. Hello Ray, and happy New Year. Not sure if this the best place to post, please redirect me if not.

    I think I have just about come to the end of discovering any further details about my Hannah Warburton ( Pierpoint). Very frustrating! But you may be able to fit her in somewhere in Warrington!

    The only birth I can find is 1802, Newchurch Chapel, ‘ Hannah daughter of John Warburton, of Twiss Green, born July 20, baptised August 22. ( Lancashire, Church of England, Baptisms.

    A marriage to James Pierpoint, 25 February 1833, no father mentioned unfortunately, witnesses Thomas Merrick and James Atherton. I have looked for a family link for the witnesses, but can find nothing.

    Have tried to find any possible siblings for Hannah, married to a Merrick or Atherton, nothing.

    There are a number of Warburtons births around the same time as Hannah, but am unable to be certain of a link to Hannah.

    Census 1841, has Hannah living with James Pierpoint, at Lythgoes Lane, children, John, Elizabeth, Hannah, Margaret, and Adam Warburton, age 15, and working as a carter.

    1851 Census, Hannah is recorded as Ann, Adam no longer at home, and another child James is recorded, but these are obviously all Pierpoints.

    I don’t know if this information helps at all


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