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Martin Warburton has sent me a copy of the obituary of Major Herbert Bradley ‘Warby” Warburton that appeared in the Daily Telegraph on June 14th 1999. He found it amongst his father’s papers.There is no evidence the Major was related, the opposite in fact as Martin’s father was adopted, but Martin is interested to know the source of his father’s interest in the Major.

Major Herbert Warburton

The above photo is from the obituary. The full text of the obituary can be found here.

My attempts to trace Herbert’s parents were unsuccessful. I found his birth registration in the third quarter of 1916 at Amersham with a mother’s maiden name of Fulluck, but I can find no Warburton-Fulluck marriage, or any siblings with the same mother’s maiden name. In the 1939 Register Herbert is a motor salesman staying at the Duke of Cumberland Hotel, High Street, North Ferriby, Yorkshire, so no clue as to his parents is provided.

If anybody does have any information on Herbert and his origins I would be delighted to hear from you.

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  1. Bradley Warburton married Alice M Fullock 1914 so they are the parents. Bradley shows as a divorced Hotel Proprietor in Beverley in 1939 with Herbert as a car salesman.

  2. Bradley’s 2nd wife was Betsy Jackson nee Blenkarn. She had wed Norman Jackson in Sculcoates Hull 1935. She was born 15 May 1911 and died 1979 Newmarket as a Warburton. Bradley had died there in 1963.
    The interesting bit is that Norman and Betsy had one child [possibly Norman’s but who knows looking at the dates]. Michael B Jackson born 1943 Holderness mother’s maiden name Blenkorn with an o. Could he have been adopted by Bradley and is Martin’s dad by any chance? Born 1943 he could even have been Bradley’s son as they are in the same area?

  3. Bradley’s first wife Alice Maud Fulluck born 1st Mar 1891 died Brighton 1985. She shows in 1939 as proprietor of a hotel in Croydon [same job as her ex]. She weds Douglas Ewart the following year in Croydon.

  4. Yes it looks like Bradley was the father of Michael B Jackson. Alice was granted a divorce in 1938 because of Bradley’s affair with a Betty Jackson [obviously Betsy]

    1. Colin, Thank you very much indeed for your useful information. However, my Dad was the same generation as Herbert Bradley Warburton, having been born as Roland Giddens to a widow called Elsie Giddens and an unknown WW1 soldier. Any connection between them may have been in Italy during WW2, but H.B. was an officer and Dad was an N.C.O. The newspaper cutting probably came via my best friend from my school days, but 25 years after I had left home, so I was not aware of any friendship between my Dad and Herbert B, but it may be possible. I hope the cutting will be of help to some other Warburtons. Martin

  5. Hi my mother was the youngest of three after Bradley’s second marriage to my Nan. Bradley was my grandfather. Patricia Michael and David if that helps. We still live in Newmarket. Herbert was my mother’s half brother, but she never met him although my uncle both had contact with[him]. Sadly they are both not with us now .

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